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sucknehneh 27-07-2015 05:27 PM

Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Local Freelance Girls (Please clear all the browsing cookies or use proxy server to login as been block by ISP)

Dear members, please post and share your FRs here. This thread for all normal FL and Premium girls you took from me.

Thank you.

Below you can find the old FRs from another thread in Sammyboyforum:- (More FRs here back in 2011) (More FRs here)

hornybozz 28-07-2015 05:20 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Here's my report I wrote earlier

Got Ms. Tina only and I was her second malay client

Name:Ms. Tina
Race: CKT
Age: 27
Face: 7/10
Body: 7.5/10 nice
Boobs: 32C big
BBBJ: 8/10 hardcore blow and very long
CIM: Yes
FJ: 8/10 many posts and best she kat atas non stop
Kissing: Yes
Fingering: Yes
Ass: 8/10
Moan: 9/10 Natural and loud when doggy
Daty: Yes
GFE: 9/10 good
Friendly Damage: RM1500/2 hours(raya promo, normal RM1800)
WIR: Yes

Thank you SNN for the arrangement. Wanted to get her for long time but only recently she accept malay. I wonder who's the lucky first malay guy
Mana your FR

Kentoro 28-07-2015 07:47 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Took Lana two weeks ago, and this is my FR

Name: Lana
Race: NL
Age: 21
Face: 7/10
Body: 7.0/10 will be perfect if she lose her weight a liltle bit
Boobs: 32B I think small but I like it
BBBJ: 9/10
CIM: Yes
FJ: 9/10
Kissing: Yes
Fingering: Yes
Ass: 8/10
Moan: 9/10 Natural
Daty: Yes and wet
ANAL: Yes but never try
GFE: 10/10 I really like her because of this, like your real GF
Friendly Damage: RM1500/2 hours + RM50 tips
WIR: Yes

Kentoro 28-07-2015 07:49 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Have a date with Ms. Elaine last week, and I think I have greate time with her.
So this is my FR:

FL : Ms. Elaine an office girl
Race : Chinese
Age : 26
Face : Compare with photo, she looks very beautiful real person
Body : 7/10. For me she has perfect body, slim height around 165 cm and nice butt
Boobs : 32B
BBBJ : 9/10
CIM : Yes
Kissing : Yes. I agree she is a good kisser. Our tongue's are dancing with each other
Fingering : Yes, and wet
Daty : Yes. clean shave
FJ : 9/10 try many positions and she like cowgirl
Moan : Soft to load, natural and she keep calling her gost
GFE : 8/10 Shy at first
Damage : RM1600/2 + RM100 tips
WIR : Yes

Pick her at lobby. Once we are in the room we talk a litle bit
and we start with hugging & kissing, take off our each other cloth then she blow my 'Jack'.
She said my 'Jack' big and long that's why she cannot takes it all in her mouth.
Continue to fingering and daty, she has very nice pussy and her love juice taste really good.

At that night, we try view positions. She really like when I fuck her very deep and she will moan load and say 'Feel so good'.
Overall she's perfect and more than my expectation, I will definitely take her again.

jimmylee7 30-07-2015 01:49 AM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
My first girl this year and also my very luck sessions. I was offered by Jennifer for unlimited shots for 2 hours. I was told she need urgent money for college fees that why she offer this package for this week only.

To good to be true right. Yup she really offer me and she really squeeze until i dry(making me cum 3 times). Believe it or not i manage to shots 3 times, 5 mins before 2 hours lapse. OMG, she keep playing and teasing my little jack and once up she will blow and make you hard and will ride you like no tomorrow. Blowjob is awesome, pussy clean shave and superb juice and her GFE is much more better than my any GF.

FL Name: Jennifer
Age: very young and in College
Race: Local Chinese
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: B
Ass: 7.0/10
BBBJ:9.0/10 with Deep T and sensual sucking
GFE: top
Skin: 7/10
Fingering: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10 lots of juice
Anal: No
FJ: 8/10 she fuck me like no tomorrow
Damage: RM1700/2 hours for Unlimited shots, I manage 3 shots. My own record :eek::eek:
WIR: 100% yes by this Friday before i back home

Thank you SNN. After one year never visit KL, your list have improved tremendously with lots more of pretty girls. Anyway, Jennifer already make my day and here's the FR as promised earlier.


londick 30-07-2015 07:43 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Meeting Ms. Leah for the 2nd time. Been trying to get her for long due to her working timing ans she usually only free in the morning until noon time.

As usual, I'm a boobs lover and I'm sucker for those D cup and above. You named it Jac, Olivia, Leah, Sophia, Irene, Tina, Coco, all tried : )

Next target will be Ms. Agnes if budget allow

FL: Leah
Age:26 working in Corporate
Race: Local Chinese
Face: 7/10 This round she looks better
Body: 8/10 tall
Boobs:10/10 She told me is G cup but SNN just wrote F. Her boobs cover my whole face.
Ass: 7/10
BBBJ:9/10 sucking with feeling
GFE: 8/10
Skin: 8/10
Fingering: Yes but didn't manage to make her cum
Pussy: 8/10
Anal: No
CIM: No try
FJ: 8/10 this session she threat me like BF and can sense she's very comfortable with me. She even ask me penetrate her deeper on certain position and oh yes she really enjoy my companion.
Damage: RM2000/2 hours + RM100 tips for such GFE
WIR: Yes

Thanks SNN.
You have to update her profile, is G cup not F cup

londick 30-07-2015 07:44 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Just sharing some old FR for Jan 15

FL: Angel
Race: CKT
Face: 7.5/10
Body: 6/10 chubby
Boobs: C cup firm and fair
Ass: 8/10
GFE: 7/10 a bit shy
Skin: 8/10
Fingering: Yes
FJ: 7/10 hardworking
Damage: RM300/1 shot
WIR: Yes

FL: Michelle
Race: CKT
Face: 6.5/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: C cup
Ass: 7/10
BBBJ:8/10 Very good
GFE: 8/10 we chat more than an hour
Skin: 8/10 fair
Fingering: Yes and wet
FJ: 8/10 very good in riding
Damage: RM350/1 shot
WIR: Yes

Recently only aim big boobs
Thanks SNN

boonjames20 31-07-2015 12:31 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
New Fr Ms Charlotte

Name: Ms Charlotte
Race: Local Chinese
Face: 8/10 with make up
Body: 7/10 Fair and small size
Boobs: B, consider small
BBBJ: 8/10 willing to BJ me very long.
CIM: No ask
FJ: 9/10 Lots of cuddle, kissing, love the missionary position, very horny facial expression, super wet pussy And Tight
Fingering: Yes
Moan: 8/10
Damage: RM2300/2 hours & 2 shots + RM100 tips

Thanks SNN for the arrangement. Recommend her for those who love young and fair petite girl and of course horny type

boonjames20 31-07-2015 12:32 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
FR 1 - March

Name: Ms. Kisha
Race: Local Malay
Face: 7/10
Body: 7.5/10
Boobs: B
BBBJ: 8/10
CIM: Yes
FJ: 8/10 i remember a bro mentioned here best to doggy her. Totally agreed!!
Fingering: Yes
Moan: 8/10
Damage: RM400/1
WIR: Yes, definitely yes

FR 2 - April

Name: Ms. Bibi
Age: 21
Race: Local Malay
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: Small and inverted nipples
BBBJ: 8/10 take her times to BJ me non stop
FJ: 8/10 tight pussy
Fingering: Yes
Moan: 8/10 Natural
Pussy: 9/10 fresh
Damage: RM350/1 hour + RM50 cab fees to PJ

Bro SNN, thanks for the arrangement for me. Hope i'll come KL more often this year. Please get more girl at JB please.

valdvald 31-07-2015 02:27 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Bro... Can PM me OKT number? thanks

valdvald 31-07-2015 02:28 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Hi bros.... Can PM me OKT's number?

valdvald 31-07-2015 02:33 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Hi Bros, can share okt contact to me? thank you:)

sucknehneh 01-08-2015 11:51 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Hi Guys,

I have quite a numbers of Local Freelances from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Both Local Malay and Local Chinese. Please mail me at [email protected] if u are willing to purchase from me.Some of my contacts are College Students, Part Time Model and mostly are Local Freelancer. I do special arrange for Premium Girl for my members as well.

To all newcomer, you can purchase from me without asking from the seniors.Just my 2 sens. Please do not PM me as seldom check my inbox.

Thank you.


Check the FRs

Rexasia7 04-08-2015 03:27 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
An overdue FR for Charlotte

Name: Charlotte
Race: CKT
Age: 22
Face: 7.5/10
Body: 8/10 petite, slim but really smooth skin tho.
Boobs: 32B? Yeah small but fits her size
BBBJ: 8/10 her was quite amazing, delicate to my liking
CIM: didn't try
FJ: 7/10 a bit shy, tried a few positions but she seems to love missionary.
Fingering: very tight pussy and wet.
Moan: 7/10 soft moan
Daty: didn't try
GFE: 8/10 she can hold conversation quite well, one of the best GFEs
WIR: definitely, but wanted to try others first
damage : RM2300/2 hours

Bro SNN you really are the rainmaker, keep the quality girls coming and please make the dates with my next two preferences a reality! haha :D

boonjames20 06-08-2015 03:47 PM

Re: Local Freelancer & Part Time College FR's by SNN
Long overdue FR
Helping a friend to post

Name: Kimmy
Race: CKT
Age: 20s
Face: 7.5/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: C cup - Nice size. Fair boobs giving some contrast to her body
skin colour. The best asset in her. Love it.
BBBJ: 7/10
CIM: Never ask
FJ: 7.5/10
Fingering: Allow
Moan: Natural
Daty: 8/10. Cleanly shaved
GFE: 8/10 Friendly
WIR: Yes, but want to try others first
Damage: RM1,800 / 2 hours - cant remember as I gave tips

Name: Elaine
Race: CKT
Age: 20s
Face: 7/10
Body: 8/10, with nice tatoo, and nice ass
Boobs: B cup
BBBJ: 9/10, very skilled, one of the better ones I had
CIM: Never ask
FJ: 9/10. Love sex. And can ride very long. Love to kiss, and she is good at it
Fingering: allow
Moan: Natural
Daty: 8.5/10. Cleanly shaved and juicy
GFE: 9/10 Very friendly and we have lots of fun together. She is shy
at first, but she is very sporting girl
WIR: Yes, always wanted to repeat, but still trying out the rest. Too
many good ones.
Damage: RM1,700 / 2 hours - cant remember as I gave tips

All girls recommended by SNN. All is great in their own way, and all
of them enjoy sex and give you high GFE feeling. Thank you very much
SNN! Satisfied customer. SNN Boleh!!

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