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hyun12 16-06-2019 10:21 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Any bros tried nanda from sensual??

Naka_Timo 17-06-2019 09:38 AM

Re: Great Bonks
This FR is base on true encounter. Your encounter may be different from me base on many factors. I hope this fr can give u accurate information and a rough idea of what service is expected and can assist you to make the right choice. If you think that the FR is fake, i urges you not to read it and don’t believe it. Go and read from other. Please do not blame me if you think is not good.

Read before proceed
-Please take this FR as a pinch of salt after reading it
-Please do not let your kid to try it
-Pls read only when wife or girlfriend is not around
-This FR may have the same format and some content which is similarity to my previous
-All the ratings are base on own preference, criteria and liking. It will varies for other
-All services mention in my FR was being performed to me. It may varies for other
-Please correct me if spot any spelling error.
-All pics and gif use in my FR is for illustration only
-FR will contain mix language of English, Chinese, Hokkien and Thai


Stable: SNS(Euro Ladies)
This is my own opinion about this stable. You may have different view.
I guess many have heard about this stable. I think don’t have to talk much about it as they are not new and they are experience one. Some may have encounter bad booking with them but for me there are sure up or down sometime. Most importantly is they are one of the trustworthy and honest stable with real picture. Their operating style is organise and professional. No switch and bait of ladies and or any last minute cancel or any pattern.

Date/Time/ Type of Bonk:
14 June 2019 @ 1800hrs 50 mins for one shot @ SGD $280 with tips

Please refer to the stable upon confirmation of your booking regarding the location.I can only
said location was discreet and at central area and easy access via all mode of transport. The location was also quite posh.

女神/Angel: Nadia
Nadia was from Russia. I cannot really recall what state she was from.I understand from her that this is her first trip to SG working for this stable.

Door open. She clad in a sexy lingerie and stocking. She very beautiful. My first look lan jiao steam. She belong to the bitchy waiting to get laid type. The pics posted was accurate. She look like what was being advertise and is 100% same as her real person. No further editing.Those type you see liao you sure gian gian want to fuck.

Fair and smooth skin type with long hair and damn hot and sexy figure. She was tall, almost the same height as me.Her breast is very big and soft but nipple is very sensitive to licking, very nice to squeeze too. No visual sign or scar or mark on her body except one big tattoo at the tighs area.Pussy hair is fully shave. I think sure will be a very good paint later.

蛇吻/French: ★★★★★
She was quite a good frencher and kisser. We start to kiss and french during the shower and after that was totally non-stop frenching and kissing throughout the session. The frenching was those like bf and gf type with lot of tongues fighting and sensual wet kissing.

Her abalone was best.Totally shaven botak type. Her pussy was tight and already wet while she was busy frenching, kissing and bbbj me. I proceed on to her clitoris and slowly rub it and then slowly fingering her bit by bit. Slowly i suck her neh neh and then i go down to her navel, then to her inner thigh and outer thigh. I gave her a good tongue lashing with long flick and suck on the lips then to the inner of her clitoris. No smell at all. She let out some moan and I give a faster flick and suck, she shiver and hold my head hard and tight as it goes it. After that I insert one and two finger slowly inside her moist pussy again. I slowly insert more of my finger inside for a deeper feel and deep digging. She start to let out another round of long, loud and high moan go slowly in an upward position.

Lot of bbbj position from she kneel down to blow me to 69 position bbbj to me laying down.
She gave me a very long, slow and steady BBBJ for me. She slowly lick the both side of my ball, lick the ball and my shaft. After that she she move on to the dick head, she lick it with small flick slowly while giving me some eye contact. The suction was firm and also there a lot of salivia too. Lastly, i hold on to her head and then i push my cock deep into her mouth to gave her a mouthfuck. I gave her a very fast and aggressive super deep throat without stopping and she just obligned and follow it. It was really deep as i can feel her tougues swirling inside and i am almost choking her. I pull out my cock, control myself not to cum. Cap on and bonk her.

做爱/Make Love:★★★★★
I start to pump her in missionary with her on stocking. It was so kindly. I pump her hard hard and deep deep that she moan and whine “ah ah ah ah ah”. The coordination was good. Her expression was like she was enjoying so much. Slowly, I hold on to her leg high and thrust my hip area to have a firm grip. I adjust my position and adjust her arm clinging on to my body tightly and her leg lock on my hip tightly. I go for a longer and deeper thrust. The moaning get louder with stereo surround when i trust deeper and and accelerate my speed to the fastest. I feel that she climax and high liao then i hold on to both her arm and the sound effect of “piak piak piak”.After a few fast and furiously stroke. I have the feel to cum. I can feel the hotness and white cum juice oozing out from her pussy while i pulling out my cock from her pussy.

I quickly take off the condom and put my lan jiao back into her mouth. This time she suck and hold on to it tightly and deeply. I mouthfuck her a while and I cannot withstand the shiokness and I let it out all inside her mouth. She take it all and some even spread on to her nose all. I think she did swallow some in and spit some out in the process. The scene was totally like what was in the porn movie.

态度/Attitude: ★★★★★
She is a nice, friendly and chatty lady.The GFE was high with lot of cuddling and hugging. The atmosphere was great. Cosy room with some slow jazz music. It was easy for us to break the ice as the chemistry with each other was good. We communicate in English. Her attitude was good and hardworking, not those hash hash or play phone type.

整体/Overall: ★★★★★
I enjoy the bonk.It left the place a happy n satisfy man. She was also the obedient and accommodating type too. I would recommend to try her for those who want to have an experience of fucking a young bitchy Russian lady.

Please treat her nicely, gently and take good care of her.

Hope my experience will give u guy a much more detail information on the service that you can expect.

Thanks you for your time and patient for reading my FR.

FR copyright© bro naka

Naka_Timo 18-06-2019 11:56 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by HentaiKamenMilf (Post 18827637)
guys any comment or fr from taiwan girls gfe from sexycatsg kings girl sound pretty good any fr thanks! may

Thanks for upping, but please make post for me to up you back.

No point kept flooding me with PM and no post how to up you back?

HentaiKamenMilf 18-06-2019 03:42 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Ok sure bro u are the legendary one bro my bad i flood u deeply apology thanks!! Await for ur upped

OniMM 19-06-2019 05:54 AM

Re: Great Bonks
Any bro here try Korean gal Jinny from SEA?

HentaiKamenMilf 19-06-2019 08:24 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by Naka_Timo (Post 18839535)
Thanks for upping, but please make post for me to up you back.

No point kept flooding me with PM and no post how to up you back?

Hi bro done with the post

hornymarthafock 19-06-2019 06:37 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Just finished a session with this Gucci from vpremium
Wow... Think she's the best smelling girl I ever had... Commercial and non commercial

Think my clothes still lingering with her sweet smell...

Was greeted by a bubbly petite busty girl when first enter.. She was very friendly and English was passable

She will also shower with you

On the bed.... We just kissing which turned into full on frenching... Hosay.. Can tell this will be a great session.. Her moans are seductive as well

Her cathbath is pretty. Good and her bbbj also got standard...

But the nest part is her sweet smelling pussy... I'm surprised no one had mentioned that... Knn.. I've never smelt or tasted a better pussy... I spent a good few. Minutes down there...

Then turned to 69.before cap on for. Main course..

Her cowgirl is. Something to behold.. And boy was she tight...
Although she was fairly wet . I signalled to put some ky...

Then switch to. Missionary before doggy.... She has a very spankable ass too... Then switch back to cowgirl and that. Was GG for me... Ha...

She didn't want to. Get. Off. Eben after I'm. Done...

Kc is strong. With this one...

After. I showered she said if I'm ready. For second shot..

I'm. Like. I only book one. Hr...

She. Say. I. Made her happy so she said she giving me extra shot foc... She was joking of course... But like o said kc factor is strong...

Better hurry bros... She's leaving soon

Looks : 7.8
Body; 7.3
Boobs : 8
Frenching: 7.5
Bbbj : 7.7
Pussy : 9 (smells and tastes heavenly
Fj: 7.7 tight and. Wet
Rtf : yes.. Worth the dmg

icyboy771z 19-06-2019 07:40 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Got any Shuri Atomi lookalike?

MingBun0323 19-06-2019 10:36 PM

Anyone looking as lovely as Rebecca Lim?

Jackzone 19-06-2019 11:42 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Had an extremely satisfying session with Adele just now.. Seriously don't miss out on this gem! Looks is similar to photos, can tell definitely her. English is decent enough to not use Google. Her body is to die for! Super smooth skin and perfectly shaped. Service is tip top. Very receptive to painting and fj as well. Her plus point is definitely the service. Best I've ever come across so far!

Again, don't miss out on this gem!

xdx24 20-06-2019 12:49 AM

Re: Great Bonks
fr for fanny by vpremium,

looks: 7.5/10 a bit off the pics but won't reject
bbbj: 7/10, suction is strong, but I had better ones
gfe: 9/10, strong gfe, massage is very good
fj: 9/10 can change position, accommodate to different ones
rtf: yes

she speaks fluent Chinese, and do have a great sense for hairstyle, she loves licking the neck and being licked, I also feel good, she gave me a massge after the work is done, we shower together, overall she is a great gem, will try to visit her again before she leaves

Blackflame7 20-06-2019 08:12 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by Jackzone (Post 18846516)
Had an extremely satisfying session with Adele just now.. Seriously don't miss out on this gem! Looks is similar to photos, can tell definitely her. English is decent enough to not use Google. Her body is to die for! Super smooth skin and perfectly shaped. Service is tip top. Very receptive to painting and fj as well. Her plus point is definitely the service. Best I've ever come across so far!

Again, don't miss out on this gem!

Does she French?

Naka_Timo 20-06-2019 09:36 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by HentaiKamenMilf (Post 18840380)
Ok sure bro u are the legendary one bro my bad i flood u deeply apology thanks!! Await for ur upped

Points, returned.

KDDavid 20-06-2019 02:59 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Today I decided to try another girl from bro VPremium and that's a right choice. Below is my FR for Gucci

Look: 8.5/10. She looks exactly like the photos, a bit more mature, and I like that
Boobs: 9/10. Her boobs are big, soft with pinkish nipples. I love them
Body: 9/10. It's definitely the best body I saw. After sex, I still lie next to her and caress her body
Skin: 9/10. White and smooth skin without any flaw
Bbbj: 9/10. She provided extremely nice bbbj with her soft lips and tongue. My brother goes hard immediately
FJ: 8.5/10. Try some positions and finish with missionary. Her pussy is tight and warm. The feeling of my little brother inside her pussy is so good that I cum in no time
Gfe: 10/10. My session is at 12pm, so she told me that she so hungry that she want to eat me haha. It's always nice to talk with a FL in my mother tongue, vietnamese

This is really an enjoyable session. Thanks bro VPremium for recommending me Gucci! For other bros, please treat her well ;)

shucker92 20-06-2019 03:51 PM

Re: Great Bonks
FR for Nemo of Modelforyou, repost of FR from thread.:p

Good to have you back bro, looking forward to your future dishes! Hope you bring back some of your former angpais. Haha!

OKT: Responsive and polite.

Location: Discreet and convenient, parking can be hard to find if you're not familiar with the area.

Room: Have to say, rarely get these kind of beds unless i'm going to a hotel.

Looks: 8/10, similar to photos.

Shower: SOP, quite thorough.

Body: Soft in the right places, decent. Boobs were a decent handful.

BBBJ: Very good suction and skilll, ice cream style, hard and fast also ok, tried to skullfuck but cannot too rough, hahaha.

FJ: Accomodating, stereo was good, can ride for quite long, remind me of bonking my JC/sec school GF in missionary, bonk her damn hard, finished with COB.

Overall: Excellent service with a smile, accomodating and nice girl. Tried to give massage, but I stopped her, wanted to play abit before 2nd shot.

RTF: Yes, but looking to try Adele first, managed to get a sneak peek while going to toilet, looked like slutty notty kind, hehe. .

Usual disclaimer: YMMV, happy bonking!

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