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Germinator2000 25-07-2019 01:57 PM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by Ghostsquad (Post 18994192)
You are not in the private sharing group otherwise you would have seen the conversation evidence that the gal herself try to bait and switch and double book her own customer instead of thru the stable. The angry bro who tio bait and switch went to report to AV

I guess that why the stable also remove such a trouble maker lady

How to join the private group? And the premium model in another tab seems to be private also, any bros know how to join?

countryman 25-07-2019 02:17 PM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by Leo9999 (Post 18991638)
Bro Countryman, SNSescort more worthy right?

No comments... U be your own judge!

countryman 25-07-2019 02:18 PM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by GN007SG (Post 18994195)
When you are the monopoly you can do whatever you want lol

End of the day is willing buyer willing seller!

Keima 25-07-2019 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by meimeiwolaile (Post 18992585)
What I see now is Vietnam girl price also can gone up to $300 and $280 for only one time omg wth is happening

I think you are an idiot, because previous batch was $300 to $330.

I guess you never tried but like to whine. Iíve tried two and they are a different class from your regular Viet KTV bu

babysky 25-07-2019 08:59 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Wonder why there are no FRs on TT. Bros must be keeping the gem to themselves. Not quite sure why Laos girls are pricier than usual but TT is definitely worth it. She's very pretty with a super GND feel. She can be a bit dao at first but once warmed up and familiar, GFE is amazing. The stats on her are real, B cups natural, slim athletic build. Speaks good english for a Laotian girl. Comms should not be a problem.

Line 26-07-2019 01:33 AM

Re: Great Bonks
I couldnt find a previous FR that states a girl who can take rough sex and likes mouth fuck. Which girl is it again?

euritage 26-07-2019 02:49 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by focal (Post 18974241)
Queenie is as advertised. Really no horse run. A GND tats hard to come by nowadays. Although high price but worth every penny.
Fake boobs but really done very well, suits her frame. Petite girl so bro looking for tall models please choose others. The GFE is like WOW, felt like making love to my school days crush. VPremium operate with honesty and integrity. My hard earned money well spent. Will definitely RTF.

Baotohk.. Walau eh.. Either you are an idiot with no brains or you must be here specifically to sabotage certain agencies in dome 3 again haha.. I observe you for quite a while liao and I’m really more inclined to think the latter.. So which dome or agency are you from man.. I really curious siah lol..

Why does the fucking agency need to write a fake FR stating that Queenie’s boobs are real when there is already a post inside Queenie’s thread, NOT DELETED, already stating that Queenie’s boobs are enhanced? You must be either really stupid to make such accusations or you must be here to sabotage certain agencies as usual with your moron, idiotic & irresponsible comments.. Alamak.. What speak the truth and only the truth can set you free.. Really nonsense man.. I want to laugh siah when I see this post.. Please dun act clever when you are actually the stupid one can lol..

dodoboy 26-07-2019 06:03 PM

Re: Great Bonks
Long overdue FR for Queenie from bro VPremium, have been visiting bro VPremium girls till now and have never been disappointed. Kept forgetting to write FRs for the previous girls, but Queenie is one I must write for.

Fluent in English, no problem with communication. 5 star Location as usual by our Bro convenient and easy to access.

Booking was hassle free as long as first time verification is done properly and no issues with booking.

Took a 630pm session, rang the doorbell and was greeted by a pretty and sweet looking girl. Went in and immediately got excited when I saw her drssed in a tight one piece leotard with fish net stockings.

Went into shower and action started immediately when she started licking my nipples while stroking my 2ic. Feeling was heavenly, she has amazing skills with her tongue and the texture is so soft.

Came out and she started cat bathing me while teasing me in her sexy outfit. I was so tempted to rip off her stockings but didnt do so as service no stated haha. She knows what men want she does it exactly right.

Best part is she enjoys every single momen, no commercial feel. Like fucking your fing from work, she makes you want her more. Attacked her sensitive spot and she got so wet, no lubricant needed. Fucked her in various positions and she came a few times. Whole session was wonderful, aleady thinking about rtf while fucking her. The level of service, with the looks and body. Blew my mind away.

Looks : 9/10 ( Same as picture, what you see is what you get. Will not disappoint )
Body : 8/10 ( Petite, Slim, Tight figure. Enhanced C cups which are comfortable to touch )
GFE : 9.5/10 ( She makes you feel very comfortable the moment you step in, no ice breaking needed )
BBBJ : 9.5/10 ( Her tongue action is amazing )
FJ : 9.5/10 ( She enjoys the fucking just as much as you do, will initiate different positions )

RTF : Yes, for 100%. A rare gem to come by. Definitely not missing my time to enjoy her.
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Tiu123 26-07-2019 06:27 PM

Kelly Vpremium

resemblance 75 percent
real person see tattoo

damn good bonk all positions

fair n smooth

will try others from stable

JayandAya 26-07-2019 09:01 PM

Re: Great Bonks
FR on RANI (Supermodelk)

Looks: 7 (not super pretty but decently pretty and cute - i like the way she pouts when was washing me lol)
Body: 10 (amazing hot bod... when i first saw her, she was wearing plain black shirt and jeans... simple but super hot with hourglass curves.... she really takes care of her body well... she worked out for 2hrs that morning)
FJ: 9
GFE: 10 (pleasing personality and enjoyed my chats with her although english is a challenge but she tries hard to talk and please you.)
RTF? Sure! Had an awesome time with her...
OKT: very responsive. thanks bro!

michaelwoo 27-07-2019 01:08 AM

FR for Queenie from Vpremium

First off, location was great. Nice hotel, central location, easy parking. OKT is probably one of the best in dome 3 in terms of customer service. Very prompt replies, easy booking, and overall smooth process. Takes care of his girls and also has a security policy (which frustrates some newcomers, but better safe than risk the girls and end up lower quality).

As for Queenie, very cute, friendly and petite girl, no communication barriers as her English is very good. Looks just like photos (generally Vpremium girls photos quite accurate). Nice body - slim and petite frame with enhanced but still soft boobs, small perky nipples and petite but firm ass. Very soft and smooth skin.

Once entered, invited me over to the couch and chatted for a bit before proceeding for shower service. Had some nice foreplay but unfortunately no shower BJ unlike Jolin.

Came out and went back to the couch for the real fun to begin. She got on her knees for slow sensuous BBBJ followed by a lap dance just to tease and get me going before the FJ.

FJ had to start off a bit slow since sheís petite and very tight, but once warmed up she moved her hips like no other until she came. Switched positions around a few times, also had to control my pace so I didnt blow too early but she was very accommodative throughout

Bros, only 1 week left to try, so dont waste time waiting!

rewolbwons 28-07-2019 03:31 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by kenji_2008 (Post 18965376)
Usually, I do not write field report for lady working under Agency unless i tried a few of the ladies and the consistencies are there.
Vpremium is one of them that I came across over the years of Chionging

Field report for The Queen ��

Requested Queenie to wear the fish-net stockings before the appointment

When she opened the door, I was amazed by how she look like ( exactly like what I seen in the photos. No depreciation or Gimmicks , Just a Chio Seductive Lady luring me to the room.

Bathing - She asked me if I need her to bath for me. I said no, but she still came. Assisted me to polished my rifle, cleaned it like for NDP parade, passed me listerine for mouth washed. While she was polishing my rifle, she started to lick my nips which was washed and cleaned, making me realised action have started.

On the bed- I was lying down and admiring her looks and body , I realised she Looked like the office lady at my friend law firm. Super turn On . Gentle kissing lead to Deep French Kissing before she proceed to give me a cat bath.

After much balls licking , she looked at me as if she want to eat up my Polished rifle. She attacked my rifle head while looking at me , showing me that she enjoyed it . The BBBJ was a Super turn on, done gently with passion and skill, like a Ballerina.

After much kissings, she capped me on, she started to ride me -Damm it was tight. Straight into action , cow girl, she was enjoying it . Then she started to hug me when she was enjoying the hot and steamy sex. Switched to missionary , started to pump her and seeing her grabbing the pillows and enjoying the act, turns me on. After some time she Whisper to me , letís switch to doggy . I asked her WHY. She replied me : I think you will like it !

Once switched to doggy, she was grabbing my hand to pump her faster as she was really enjoying it. Hearing her moans is like fucking your Girlfriend , zero commercial feeling , just wished that it will last forever.

Communication- No problem with that as she speak Fluent English. She shared with me her travels experienced and health tips. Apparently Queenie eats healthily and is someone who take really good care of herself.

Gfe: Helping me to massage after the session is a plus point. Communicating fluently is a plus plus point . Having sex with zero commercial feel - Priceless

Tips : I brought some strawberry and apples for her , she mentioned to me that she like fruits like kiwi and Cherry too.

Rtf: Surely. At this price , better than a local FL , at half the price . I can say it is Damm Worth It!

After the session I felt like a King. Maybe only a Queen, know how to serve the King


eattoomuch 28-07-2019 11:55 AM

Re: Great Bonks
Has any bros tried Desy from sensual? She looks good.

Do we have to book our own rooms for sensual stable? Any idea how much are the rooms priced?

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