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jaxel82 13-09-2019 09:18 PM

Re: Great Bonks
any FRs for eurozone? all I see are "FRs" by newbies with 1 post

atee 14-09-2019 12:56 PM

Re: Great Bonks
All girls not available from Modelforyou.:confused:

nokia3510 15-09-2019 10:46 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by deadchief (Post 19108923)

Thatís the true report. If you all donít believe go and see for yourself.
No offense to OKT, the girl bad has nothing to do with stable, okt is prompt and polite and responsive so itís the girl. I really think she is PRC, her handphone has chinese messages. Unless PRC living in Japan.

Sorry to hear about this terrible experience bro! Thanks for sharing.

guynextdoor 16-09-2019 01:24 AM

Re: Great Bonks
Anyone has any reviews on Eurozone Julia? She looks good man.

hike 16-09-2019 08:27 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by atee (Post 19200060)
All girls not available from Modelforyou.:confused:

Same here!
I was looking for Jina after I saw here FRs.

Achieve 16-09-2019 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by hike (Post 19207414)
Same here!
I was looking for Jina after I saw here FRs.

I no longer see modelforyou threads :(

atee 16-09-2019 01:31 PM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by hike (Post 19207414)
Same here!
I was looking for Jina after I saw here FRs.

Me too. No news. Mia.

Dawen90 16-09-2019 09:31 PM

Re: Great Bonks
He is back... Got new offering.. anyone try yet? Looks good leh.. haha

SirHumpALot 17-09-2019 12:59 AM

Re: Great Bonks

jj modelforyou/model2night

first blood 16/9
okt is great as always. no hassles, quick response. didn't think there would be better after jina. pleasantly surprised. definitely brought in another gem.

looks: photos are accurate. slight blemish. mid 20s. new to fl work. was very shy for this session but she lost that shyness after a little "treatment".
body: slim and tall. fair skin. enhanced c/d tits, quite soft. large half body tattoo on back and multiple small tattoos on legs.
bbbj: average. maybe she needs to be given chances by future bros to improve ��
fj: accommodating on many positions. trimmed pussy. low mileage. there's a large standing mirror in the room... she was a bit shy to use it initially but after doing standing doggy facing it she was quite turned on. quite a minx once her correct buttons are hit.
personality: very friendly with better than average english. can tcss however jina still takes the cake here.

rtf: no brainer on this one. ymmv but unlikely to vary by much.

soldierboy 17-09-2019 01:21 AM

Re: Great Bonks
Getting lazy to write FRs...most bonks these days are pretty subpar and nothing to shout about.

However, this amazing lady deserves some attention.

Nika from SNSescorts

Looks: 9/10 pretty Russian girl. She's not the girl in the photos, but believe me, you wont be disappointed.

Body: 10/10 Perfect figure. Slim with perky and soft Bs. Smooth skin.

Service: 11/10. She provides a level of service that I've not experienced in a long time. Helped me undress, brought slippers to me, showered together and wiped me dry after showering. Even served water to me after act.

What more can you ask for? The last time i had this experienced were with Kingsescorts highly priced Korean models. Experiencing this from a Russian girl is just mind blowing for me.

Enjoy her while she is here, play nice and let her sweet and gentle nature will steal your heart away.

RTF: Already done so.

SillyZebra 17-09-2019 08:26 AM

Re: Great Bonks

Originally Posted by soldierboy (Post 19210841)
She's not the girl in the photos, but believe me, you wont be disappointed.

Very nice FR bro thanks for sharing!

However, on the above point, I must ask. Are you really, really very sure she is not the girl in the photo? Maybe she is the girl in the photo but just that she looks more mature (I have a bro who tried her told me that) now until you cannot recognize her (not uncommon for FL to either use outdated/photos taken when they are much younger or heavily photoshopped)?

I seriously do not believe SNSescort would resort to using fake photos etc.

Nothing against you or OKT but thought this is worth clarifying.

Sandlove 18-09-2019 08:45 AM

Re: Great Bonks
FR on Analuisa

My first experience with a caucasian lady so not sure what to expect, but Ana left me very satisfied and wanting for more.

I generally prefer asians because I think their gfe is better but what attracted me to Ana is her curves.. something most asian girls couldnt come close.

Was greeted by a pretty lady (8/10) in tight black dress which accentuated her superb figure (10/10). We both sat on the sofa to break the ice, she started undressing me and teased me. Sofa was facing a mirror so the feeling was nice.

Dont want to go into too much details but she is accomodating and we put that mirror into good use. Oh, got her to change into a translucent nightie when bonking too - again her figure is omg. I guess when a person has that kind of figure anything she wears will look good.

SafeSex 19-09-2019 08:38 PM

Re: Great Bonks (for Lao JJ)

Writing FR for JJ from Modelforyou. My 1st time with a Lao lady and she looks so beautiful as exactly like in the photos.
Booked with OKT but arrived 30mins earlier and lady was available. Instructions by OKT was very clear & easy to find.
When the door opens, a tall beautiful JJ greeted me & I was happy to her smiley face. She gave me a hug & showed me to the room.
We took shower together before our session. When in the bedroom, both of us enjoyed each other with 2 great shots. I totally enjoyed with JJ as she gave me a great time like old lovers.

Face: 9/10 very beautiful when she smiles.
Body: 7/10 Perfect body but with tattoos.
Boobs: 8/10 Soft enhanced D size with lickable nipples.
BJ: 7/10 Not experienced but trying her best to make me comfortable.
FJ: 8/10 Tight & wet. Accommodating to all positions & moaned enjoyable with every stroke.
GFE: 8/10 New to industry but will have GFE if you treat her with respect.
RTF: Yes. I will book her again soon. Maybe tomorrow.

Bro, she is new to the industry, please treat her well with respect.
Her attitude is great as she needs to earn for her family & her business.
Tip her if she treat you well.

ALAN (Always Lustful And Naughty)

FK111 23-09-2019 09:08 PM

Re: Great Bonks
FR on Kate from SNS.

Kate is very pretty and has blue eyes and long blonde hair. Very smooth white skin (which she dislikes as all Russians seem to want to tan themselves to leather), slim body and very nicely shaped natural C cups. Perfectly proportioned. A very very close resemblance to her pictures.

She really was a very pleasant experience. I like things slow and she was very obliging, letting me enjoy every inch of her body. She was a great kisser, intespersing light pecks with deep French kisses.

Kate doesn't come across as a hardened pro who's become immune to feeling anything from sex, so here's an opportunity to get some nice Russian gf vibes, both giving and receiving. I had some very good chemistry with her. Communication was also good as her English is better than most Russians. After the session she didn't chase me out and took the time to talk and we got to know each other a bit better.

Only downside is that she smokes so the room smells a bit. But at least she rinses her mouth out with mouthwash so the kissing was nice. Very nice.

Will definitely try to RTF before she leaves.

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