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Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by leekwantew View Post
Wah sian, rush home from work to plan itenary and realreviews is down.
I also don't know why they were always down nowadays. Its use to be pretty alright.

Anyway,the basic to go Batam is simple,hehehe...its almost already imprint at the back of my brain.

For myself (if I am new), which is also written on the guide,i will do as below...

In Singapore :

1. I will book a ferry ticket from Horizon Ferry heading to Harbour Front (Singapore) to Batam Harbour Bay (do a google search for horizonfast ferry online booking). Take a look at their available ferry timing.

Please do not worry about booking ferry ticket from their website as no upfront payment is required (so no credit card or nets needed). If you happen to change your mind,just redo it all over again.

2. On the day of my trip,head over to the Horizon Fast ferry counter on the 3rd floor of Harbour front (ferry boarding is on the 2nd floor) about 45mins (weekday) or an hour (weekend) in advance to make payment.

1 Maritime Square #03-47, Harbourfront Centre, Singapore 099253

3. i will be issued a boarding pass and a return ticket upon payment (cash only). Keep the return ticket as I only need it on my way back to Singapore. The boarding pass is all I will need to board the ferry from Singapore to Batam. (I learned a lesson never to keep my return ticket inside my passport becos the Batam side's custom officer stole it from me before)

4. I head to 2nd floor to board my ferry to Batam Harbour Bay.

In Batam Harbour Bay.

1. The same old procedure,head to have my passport chop. Step out from the arrival hall,the 1st thing I will do is walk around...look for the Horizon Ferry counter at Harbour Bay which is about 2 mins walk from the arrival hall.

2. Take out my return ticket,get the boarding pass to go back to Singapore Harbour Front. I do this 1st upon my arrival to Batam becos I kiasu. I worry I may not be able to return back to Singapore if the date/time where I chose to return back ,ferry seats may be taken.

3. After settling all the above,i head to either grab a taxi or ojek to head to Formosa Hotel. And I never take the 1st taxi/ojek driver who approach me.

Once I reach Formosa hotel or any other hotels,i check my room's aircon,toilet,door locks,wifi and lightings (any problem,change room). The rest,i simply follow what I told you earlier.

...and once in Formosa hotel,i wont have to worry anymore regarding provision shop,MP,KTV and overnight booking girls anymore. I usually advise my friends to walk around the perimeter of the hotel to get a feel of the hotel on their 1st day and to grab some toiletries.

Ground floor : Provision shop (front door turn left,walk straight and turn left again..then walk straight) They sell CDs.

Alishan KTV : Hotel 4th floor (opens at 7pm,has booking girl too but cost more) Do book room in advance if you plan to sing there. Hotel members has some discount (cant remember,i think its either 20% to 30% off but discount not applicable for girls).

King Massage : Hotel 4th Floor (100k/hour,can go to your room to massage but need to bargain hard for special service/s or I will be chopped. Do not be afraid to reject special services becos there will always more choices elsewhere) Hotel members get 10% off. Membership is free.

Shopping : Behind Formosa is Citywalk Mall (2 mins walk). Turn right from Formosa,i see Lucky Plaza. In between lucky plaza and Formosa hotel straight down 5 mins walk is Nagoya Hill Mall (has a theater).

Behind Formosa Map...

Just remember,out from front door of Formosa Hotel with my butt facing the glass door. Left hand side is Center Point Mall,right hand side is Lucky Plaza.

If you can reach Biz Hotel,then you can use this walk through...

( Click to show/hide )

Walking to Happy 8 -

( Click to show/hide )

The above is gonna keep me busy enough for a 3D2N. So until I find out what I am looking for, will I dug in more and dwell in them (everyone's definition of fun is different).

Enjoy planning and may you have a good trip.

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