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Re: Batam Info / Interest / Help Thread

Originally Posted by biostar View Post
put stuff down in hotel then went to change money opposite formosa at 3rd shop from left @ 10500. proceed to explore by foot using map directions given by bro nono. pretty easily actually, no need to look at phone map. 1st stop Happy8 - some girls were still having lunch, not many sitting at long sofa, told plump mami i go out jalan-jalan and come back later. 2nd stop Sekar - only 5 girls but all cmi, i think chinese-looking milf mami looks better than all of them. Went back to Happy8, more girls assembled at sofa, selected one young milf from surabaya at 1.1M, bargained down from 1.3. asked plump mami to send the girl to my room at 3pm.
Just for your info, Alishan KTV on the 3rd floor can do overnight girl booking too. Just that they starts at about 7pm. And usually, they have quite a lot of girls during weekends (Friday and Saturday). Not all girls were available overnight booking tho. They dont come cheap tho.

After 1am is the left-over time,girls who arent booked and those who has no seating room yet starts to leave the KTV at that time,hehehe...

Originally Posted by biostar View Post
Still hunting for my beer, went to nagoya hill mall (NHM) and entered hypermart. layout looks like our local Giant. bought nuts, chips, biscuits, water (27 cents for 1.5L ) and yakult at 9000rp/pack of 5 (now i know why bro nono loves to buy this). finally found bintang and heineken near the cashier and picked up a few cans.
Yakult at Top 100 supermarket 1 min walk from formosa hotel selling at 7k rupiah,hehehe...

The Yakult bottle size is actually smaller than those you seen in Singapore. Its only in Batam that i learned that Yakult doesnt require refrigeration,hehehe...

Originally Posted by biostar View Post
Will definitely be back to try the spas and other massage places and possibly venture to utama area (nono's Area A above).
Since you come by Batam Center ferry terminal and if by chance if you happen to take a much earlier ferry to Batam,yet still have ample time to burn. You may wish to test out Batam's Men Spa,hehehe...

Venus Spa (Batam Center area,not near Nagoya) :

(membership cost 100k rupiah tho and last a year)

( Click to show/hide )

Alternatively,you can also try out New Spa at Batam City Hotel.

New Spa (Penuin area,near Nagoya):

Opens: 11.00 - 23.00
Combo Massage &
Executive Room Relaxation : Rp. 450,000
Suite Rooms. : Rp. 500,000

ALL TIME / ALL DAY 20% discount
Executive Room: Rp. 360,000
Suite Rooms. : Rp. 400,000

Price update as of Jan 2018. Its a unisex spa,so can also bring girls in. I think i heard somewhere my friend telling me about bringing 2 friends (3pax) to get 30% off and 4 friends (5pax) to get 40% off,hehehe...but only available for weekdays and not weekends.

Fame Men Spa (in a ulu corner closeby to Nagoya area):

Below link should lead you there... 17594420

Cant comment much of this place tho.

Octopuss Men's Spa :

Most recent FR with pricing on Octopuss by bro Farie -

Havana Executive Club & Massage :

Hmm...recently there was a Havana Executive Club & Massage,dont know if its a spa or not. Some says its a booking joint,some says its not. Google tells me it look more like a clubbing place. So which is which? (its also possible to be "all-of-the-above" too) Hehehe...maybe i should go down there in my next Batam trip to find out to get a better picture.

Delta Spa (2pm direction from Nagoya Hill Mall front entrance) :

Facilities : 150k
Standard room with 2 session : 330k
Suite room with Bath tub + shower : 430k (also for 2 session)

1 session for standard room = 150k
1 session for inside suite room = 200k

*price list stated is from around 2016,and if i dont remember the price went up by a bit.
** above stated price is for a draft reference only.

If i dont remember wrong, 3 session,comes with a free HJ,hehehe...the girls (aka GROs and the massage girls) there often do hard-selling,trying to get the customer to add-on other extras (eg,aroma oil,hot stone etc) ence the bill can adds up to quite a lot. Any staff/s who up-sell gets a commission and they have the tendency to overdo it. Quite a few newbies i heard of end up paying close to 1 juta for a HJ because of that,hehehe...

The massage girls dont provide fj inside spa,unless you really know them super well enough,hehehe...

Altalanta Spa :

No need to say much about this,its closed,hehehe...or so was it?

I guess i covered most of Batam's men spa here in this post alone,so while replying to a post,i am also keeping records of my findings for future references too.

If there is ever a time where i have about 4 hour to spare in Batam and with a handful of friends,i go to a spa. Nice place to kill a bit time. The food in Batam spas arent free (unlike those in Malaysia and Singapore) and they come at a higher than those regular Batam food prices i have posted before too.

May you and all have a good and better next trip in Batam.


*Important note : Do not quote my whole long post when replying to me ,otherwise it might be removed by forum staff/s for breaching the forum rules. Thank you.

** i didnt quote-lock my post this time becos i learned that certain things cannot be unlock when i lock it.


My own records of Batam's overnight booking joint listing (Dec 2018):

The Batam Beginner's travelling guide :

Batam's Hotel with FREE shuttle service :

My collective Batam Transportation Info :


Chinese New Year Info. My experience and some info..
(things to watch out for)

Ramadan Info :


From Harbour Bay Ferry terminal to anywhere around Nagoya is now 30k rupiah nett if its taken from the Taxi stands (quite a handful of them around Harbour Bay,mostly just outside of some hotels). I look back a bit and realize i have been talking about 30k rupiah taxi fare since 4 odd years ago when i 1st started my monthly Batam trips,hehehe...its like a dream come true now when Harbour Bay decide to fix their taxi pricing at 30k rupiah.

(can i call that a price drop if the past talks on "official taxi fare" was 50k rupiah? Hehehe...)

Batam Harbour Bay official taxi stand is just outside the new unopened Marriot Hotel,hehehe...

And to get to the location of the new official Harbour Bay Ferry terminal's taxi stand when i step out from immigration : t18016000

Phew! Thats all for now. Above were big info for newbie/s to digest,hehehe...i will see what i can do for massage shops in Batam tho.

Additional collective Batam info on pricing and services (now and about 4 years ago) :

Originally Posted by iicycold View Post
In case you havent realize,food prices has gone up a little...hehehe...chicken rice (nasi ayam) used to be somewhere around 13k rupiah,now its like either 15k or if not more. Same applies for noodles too,hehehe...used to be about 15k to i can find 18k to 20k rupiah noodle in stalls everywhere,hehehe...

1. Ferry Tickets for Horizon Ferries still remains at S$48. CNY period over the last 3 over years remain at $48 + S$12.

2. Hotel prices i regular go seems to have come down by at least 10%,maybe due to competition.

3. Food prices goes upward a little. (chicken wing at J8 food court goes up by 1k rupiah each within a year)

4. Taxi fare on the whole has gone down due to Harbour Bay's 30k nett fare, and other online taxi services.

5. Prices for overnight booking girls from booking joint 4 years ago were between 600k rupiah to 1.3 juta. Its now between around 700k to 1.5 juta. (I didnt put those higher end KTV girls into the similar category when i say this)

6. Handful of dirty category massage shops per hour pricing has gone up by between 10k to 20k rupiah compared to 4 years ago.

7. HJ from massage shops used to 100k rupiah lowest when started 4 years ago,today lowest my friends could get is 150k rupiah (after bargaining).

8. HJ from massage shops so far according to my friends is about 300k with relatively top notch service and they abide to almost all request. 300k were usually massage girl's 1st quote price. But non-dirty massage shops 1st quote price will at most time be higher than 300k rupiah (yes,even for MILF,hehehe..hence bargaining down is required).

9. FJ used to be 200k rupiah which i have tested (and verified by many others in the forum) about 4 over years in massage shops. Today according to friends ,minimum for fj in Batam is at 300k rupiah and more towards older MILF (30 years old and up) ,not SYT. SYT however can still be gotta at 400k rupiah after bargaining. 1st quote by girls usually 500k for those around 22 years old and up. And 600k for those who were younger. Its up to one to bargain downward. Lowest i have seen being bargained down on wechat,massage shops and is 300k (Batam 2017 best records). Booking joint lowest record for ST is known to me to be at 350k rupiah,hehehe...

10. Hair salon (V-salon) prices has gone up gradually each year from 60k to 100k over the last 3 over years too (cut-hair plus hair-wash plus face-wash).

* milf here is referred to "Mother i Love to Fuck"..and do note that most indonesian girls married young,hence there's still a chance anyone could get a 18 to 19 years old MILF. Or one could also get a 28 year old girl who's not married and has not given birth.

**above-said were just some collective info of my own,after i analysis it

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