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Re: Vera (Real JG & Massage trained + Young & Pretty like Korean pop star)

I visited Vera last night. I came back to this place after more than a year. Memories flooded back about all my visits of having YF's skills over the last 10 years on and off.

Anyway, was greeted by her and head to the room. Since I showered and came, I stripped and got onto the bed right away.

Massage: 8/10. She has good strength and was able to find all the knots in my back and neck. She really loosen up all the knots and did a really good job. Only missing the Butt Massage which YF used to give. But Vera is different, so I didn't mind it.

JG: 7.5/10. She has the skills to do the JG massage as she was able to do a good job. But I believe she will improve and reach YF level as she continues doing this.

I'm Indian but I can understand and speak a bit of Chinese. I used to make alot of small talk with YF as we had become close friends.

Friendly: 7/10. Probably this was my first visit to Vera, hence we are not acquainted properly yet. But I hope to have a better friendship and be able to communicate with her better like I used to with YF. But Vera did make effort to communicate with me and I liked it.

Vera is a jewel whom will shine as bright as YF, with practice. I will treasure this jewel and hope others will as well.
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