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For overnight info just ask the WL directly, WL can reject you or quote their own price.

*still need bros to update opening and closing times

Links to interesting Threads
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Cat $60, $80 and $100 FR
Frenching / BBBJ - PRC (Cat 60/80/100)

$40 Brothels
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$50 Brothels
L6H66-Thai - House Thread
L6H70-Thai - House Thread : 11.30am to 12pm (updated by RTripleR)
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L18H16-Thai - House Thread
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L20H30-Thai - House Thread
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L20H36-Thai - House Thread (thxs bro TooFast)

WH8-Thai - House Thread
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$50 Vietnam Brothels
L16H37-Viet - House Thread
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WH54-Viet - House Thread

$60 Brothels
L6H72-PRC - House Thread

$80 Brothels
L8H66E-PRC - House Thread
L10H19-PRC - House Thread
L18H11-Thai - House Thread : ON $400 (thxs Asuka360)
L18H26-PRC - House Thread (thxs bro justhorny)
L18H40-Thai - House Thread

$100 Brothels
L6H68-PRC - House Thread
L16H10-PRC - House Thread
L18H26-PRC - House Thread (thxs bro charger)
L18H28-PRC - House Thread (thxs bro charger)
L18H44-PRC - House Thread
WH2-PRC - House Thread

Over night Info
contributed by TooFast

To my knowledge only cat $50 L8 (some) and L6 houses provide overnight services.

If there is no change in price, it should be as it is.

L866G - 1am - 10am - $200
L843 - 1am - 10am - $250
L845 - 1am - 10am - $250

L6h66 - 12:30am - 10am - $150
L6h70 - 12:30am - 10am - $150

Max 2 shots.

And generally from my experience, ON service are much worse than short time. So if you can't click with the WL, not advisable.

Any houses that quote more than 250, don't expect excellent services either. I know some house make ridiculous quotes to scare customer off. These houses generally do not favor ON. If there is changes, feel free to update.

PRC houses do not provide ON as of what I know.


L24 JS19 = lorong 24 jalan suka house 19
L24 JM4 = lorong 24 jalan molek house 4
WH8 = Westerhout house 8

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