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Re: Sex in Sarawak?Kuching , Miri , Sibu , Bintulu


Best place to start is the spa in Mega and Park City Everly. Beware when staying in Mega hotel. I heard there are hidden cameras hidden in some room and the blue film been taken here and circulated at west malaysia and etc.

Stroll around the Budget hotel around the city, opposite Million Inn and etc. See if any Iban or Indonesian girls at the stairway. Ask for price and proceed to the room.


The only place I know is Park City Everly.


Most cheap girls (not worth a try to be frank) can be found in Pulau Babi. RM 30 for a shot. Mostly ugly and old. Mostly are ibans and indonesians.

Most of the prostitutes here station in hotels such as Kawan, Paramount & Premier. To get access to them, you need the OKT phone number which is difficult to know unless you know the right person. Girls in Premier & Kawan Hotel tend to be better. PRC and chinese girls from west malaysia. Occassionally, there will be Russian available.

You can also visit some of the KTVs namely, King Hua (mostly ibans and indonesian) & Apollo KTV (PRC, Indonesian, Phillipines available). Also can visit a pub called "Master" next to Li Hua Hotel. Girls here are all for indonesian and they wear short skirt. 250 damage for a night.


Spa in Hotel Grand Continental has hanky panky. As a rule of thumb, most of the bell boys in the leading hotel have contact for girls. My friend once stay in Merdeka Palace and ask the bell boy for girl. He arrange a Taiwanese girl!.

Otherwise, head for Sekama where saloon there offer such service.

I not sure whether all this information will be of any use but hopefully can serve as guideline.

Good Luck
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