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Re: Issue with ICA

Originally Posted by koites View Post
Really? I didn't know there is this cycle. So you're saying the cycle is around 60 days? Hmm when she enters Singapore again, it will be slightly less than 60days...crap....
bro, dun be confused... the 60 days break is calculated as in eg.-

Ms XT from ABC country comes to Singapore on 01.01.2010.
Nationals from ABC country are allowed to stay in SGP for max 90 days out of every 180 days (1 cycle). She is given 14 days.... then she leaves and return and is given another xx days or x days and leaves again and return..... this keep repeating until she reaches 90 days total.

Ms XT upon her 1st arrival on 01.01.2010..... her cycle finishes on 30.06.2010..... but let's say she consumed her limit of 90 days by 27.04.2010 and has to leave SGP....... her next cycle does not begin on 27.06.2010 (60 days break)..... but will begin on 01.07.2010 (after the end of the previous cycle which)..... so in this scenario Ms XT has to stay away for more than 60 days.

Let's say Ms XT consumed her limit of 90 days on 15.06.2010.... then she can only come in after 15.08.2010 (60 days break from her last departure)..... so in this scenario her new cycle begins on 15.08.2010.
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