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Re: Great Services-Great Massages-Great Bonks

I'm glad this thread is now a sticky.

Thanks to bro Naka's FR, I went to try R & B for the first time. Before that, I went to the related joint in front to see see look look at the place.. about to reach there, bump into a milfy PRC I think, abt 30, wearing red top and visible bra and hot shots coming out from a door. I think that is where they stay, wondering if she is going there. true enough. another bro ordered her. I asked for the wet bed option, asked me to go behind.


Nice and discreet. away from main road. I am familiar with the place, so no problem at all. earlier in this thread, someone was talking about their services and standard, if no good get kicked here. I think it is because of their agreement (licence) with the authorities (llike another bro who said). The other branch is too visible, so cannot do FJ.

ML Choices

The male recepts and doorman do their best to make u comfortable, give u tea. Then asked what I wanted. Asked for wet bed, neber try b4. I sat down to drink tea while he called 3 numbers to come down. I rem was

126 (been here long time), milfy, plumpish. short red dress, criss-crossed acrossed those humongous boobs!
the other 2 were in the 1000+. I don't rem cos was stuck to the huge boobs.
Told the OKT can change? Retained 126 while he called 3 more. so 4 for me to choose, said these others all hv considerably bigger busts.. mi linke... straightaway can see my preference... hehhe...

all other 3 were 1000s, so fairly new (a fews to month). True enough, all had at least a D or E! I finally chose 1066 or was it 1006? Sorry, my memory koyak. eyes glued on those boobies! ...

First Impressions

Nice enough entrance and place. friendly staff, not a spa with food like the bigger ones, but who's really there for food anyway?

They look like they know what they are doing. Have magnetic door, open for customers only. always have 3 guys downstairs. Impt to feel safe while u cheong upstairs.

The girl

I chose her because all 4 had good size boobs anyway, the rest were in red, a bit stuck up looking, she was the only on in beige short dress, with a corset like top to push out those boobs. And she had the sweetest face, machiam GND.

Found out she is 24. speak little chinese, pretty long hair. wore nice necklace and long earrings and had some nice perfume. and a sweeet smile to top off. NICE.

Led me up to the back (deep place) and up the stairs. covered her butt when walking up in front of me. Act shy, I like. held her waist, so slim.


Led me to the room and went to get her things. Mattress in one corner of the room on the floor and in the middle at the back of the room was the metal frame with the PVC mattress and shower point. Big space for the wet part. While waiting, went outside to look for toilet, dont have! Have to pee in that room lor. Saw other rooms, they have diff orientations, and some were smaller than others. I tink mine is one of the larger ones. One thing I don't like is curtains at doorway. No doors at all.
Please leave ur Nick so i can reciprocate. If I dont pm me. Thx!
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