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Re: Great Services-Great Massages-Great Bonks

Part 2

The Act

She came back in with a smile and basket of her ware. I wanted to help her undress. Actually I wanted to strip her. Did that. some ML in sg wont even let u do tt. rubbed her boobs up and down and massaged those mammies. felt small implants in there. I think she was naturally a C at least, quite a bit of real stuff, and now is likely an E, or D+ min.

For the next 30min hardly saw her face or felt her as I was asked to prone and she started her work. Tied her hair. She did this repeatedly and all over your body, even your ankles, for a long time, so I'm just going to mention the routine:

wet me
Massaged with soap
rinse off
wet me
put nuru gel. It is so much. She pumps copious amounts of it on me, unlike a local thai one I tried.
slurped you up with her mouth. This was warm, nice.
wet me, rinsed off.
popped a cone jelly in her mouth, rubbed me with her mouth all over. Cold treatment. nice. spat out when warm.
Warm and cold repeatedly. She used so many jellies, that if given to a kid, the kid will be your best friend for life! kudos there.
Poured nuru gel all over me and on herself
did long BM all over me using her boobs and thighs and pussy. song ah!

That was only my back. half only.
Did the same when asked to flip over.

Then did warm and cold on my lil bro. BJ started. song ah!
Warm: poured Nuru gel and BJ. very slurpy! nice. like watery bath there. so silky smooth.
Cool: she chewed a jelly and BJ my dick with the cool jelly. Song Song ah!!
First time I tried this.

She was v hardworking can see she really put in the effort in massaging, washing me, I wont be surprised her mouth tired already. but action havent started yet!

Saw the clock 40min gone. While she was BBBJing, I enjoyed it. told her to flip over and fingered her. She moaned... can see she don't really enjoy it, but allowed me to.

Rubbed my dick outside her pussy. Pumped soft and then hard... see her boobs bouncing so fast... what a sight! plus her moans, stereo sound. Wanted to fuck her boobs, did that. Then pushed into her mouth... all gladly obliged.

She was still lying face up, I went around to front of d bed and put my dick to her mouth. readily opened up to suck. pushed it in and started pumping and deepthroating her... I am at the front of the bed, she is lying down, head tilted backwards and accepting my dick DTing her... wow...

Told her to come down on her knees on the floor of running warm water.. continued to fuck her mouth, from slow to fast and then held her head and went into turbo thrust. (I sounded her first). told her to look at me. took a few times, maybe she don't understand me, or maybe cannot her amidst the sounds, I dunno.. she did after a while. Continued to thrust into her mouth... in and out and in and out for dunno how long... feel my armies building... told her to open her mouth, I want to fulfil one of my fantasies... she actually clamped tighter.... but opened her mouth anyway... I thrusted and pulled out and ejected all my armies onto her waiting tongue and opened mouth... AAAARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHH........!!!

That felt really good.

She didn't swallow, that's fine. If she opened her mouth to show me my sperm that will be perfect. But that's ok. I know she didnt want it, and happy she obliged. she spat out, I gave her listerine to rinse and I poured it to rinse my dick too..

Showered me with soap, dried up and changed. She was smiley still.

Tipped her and she was gracious in accepting. Nice and very very hardworking girl. deserved it.

Final thoughts

Definitely worth it, for RM238. Nice plan. No rush, took my full 1hr. came down drank tea again. Saw another first timer bro come, and OKT ordered the same girls the first round to come down.

I will rtf again. what a nice place, nice concept.

I hope this FR will help some bros.
Please leave ur Nick so i can reciprocate. If I dont pm me. Thx!
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