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Re: Exploring CP with comfort and style. Eat, drink and be happy with Japantvb - Phil

Back by popular demand, the special 3 night hotel stay promotion is back. From now till 28th FEB 14, anyone whom book the following hotel through me for 3 consecutive nights – Ouya, Yihao, CCH, Bandao, Miraton is entitled a free VIP Foot Massage session in PZL valued at (RMB 189).

So why PZL?
PZL is an ideal place to wind down and have a relaxing massage after a hard night battle with KTV MM. It is well known to have cute, pretty and innocent syt working there. Who knows you might lucky to score a night with them.
Enjoy your relax time at luxurious and glamorous VIP rooms, with facilities in each room, such as LCD TVs, relaxing sofa, and in-room toilet. The VIP Foot Massage session also includes 1 free meal, drink, unlimited fruit plate refill and free usage of PZL steam sauna in the VIP room.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Booking any type of room in the hotel stated above is accepted except for Bandao where only the “Business Executive" or "Garden View" room is entitled the promotion.
2. Hotel payment must be paid in cash only.
3. A minimum stay of 3 consecutive nights in the same hotel room is required.
4. Must book at leasts two nights KTV session through me.
5. The room must not be shared with another guy.

OUYA Hotel Room Rates (Weekday-Sun to Wed, Weekend-Thu to Sat)
Deluxe Single (528RMB weekday / 598RMB weekend)
Deluxe Big Bed (568RMB weekday / 628RMB weekend)
Executive Single (698RMB weekday / 798RMB weekend)
Deluxe Suite, 1 Bedroon 1 Living Room (898rmb weekday / 998rmb weekend)
Deluxe Executive Suite, 1 Bedroom and 1 Living Room (1868rmb weekday / 2438rmb weekend)
Executive Suite, 1 bedroom and 1 Living Room (1288rmb weekday / 1588rmb weekend)
Deluxe Single Room Photo-

YIHAO Hotel Room Rates (Weekday-Sun to Wed, Weekend-Thu to Sat)
Business Room - 398RMB weekday / 428RMB weekend
Deluxe Room - 418RMB weekday / 448RMB weekend
Business Premium View Room (Big Bathtub) - 438RMB weekday / 468RMB weekend
Deluxe Suite (1 Bedroom & 1 Living Room, with Mahjong Table) - 588RMB weekday / 618RMB weekend
Executive Room - 488RMB weekday / 518RMB weekend
Executive Premier View Room - 508RMB weekday / 538RMB weekend
Executive Suite - 688RMB weekday / 718RMB weekend
Deluxe Executive Suite - 788RMB weekday / 818RMB weekend
Deluxe Single Room Photo-
Business Premium View Room (Big Bathtub)-
Executive Room-

BANDAO Hotel Room Rates (Weekday-Sun to Wed, Weekend-Thu to Sat)
Garden Room/ Busness Executive Room- RMB350 all the days
Garden Room photo-
Busness Executive Room photo-

CCH Hotel Room Rates (Weekday-Sun to Thu, Weekend-Fri to Sat)
Deluxe Single- 218RMB weekday / 238RMB weekend
Big Bed Room- 250RMB all the days
VIP Room- 298RMB weekday / 328RMB weekend
Deluxe Single Room photo-
Big Bed Room photo-
VIP Room-

MIRATON Hotel Room Rates (Weekday-Sun to Wed, Weekend-Thu to Sat) OFFER UNTIL 15th JAN 2014
Deluxe Single Room (398RMB weekday / 438RMB weekend)
Deluxe Twin Room (418RMB weekday / 458RMB weekend)
Business room (438RMB weekday / 478RMB weekend)
Executive room, with computer (478RMB weekday / 498RMB weekend)
Leisure room, with Mahjong Table (528RMB weekday / 578RMB weekend)
Business Suite (638RMB)
Executive Suite (1108RMB)
Deluxe Single Room photo-
Leisure room, with Mahjong Table photo-

For more informations or future reservations, please contact with PHILLIP.
Tel/Whatsapp: +86 13929498864
Wechat: feilipu8864
[email protected]

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