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Re: L16 h58A - Discrete Pleasure Dome

Originally Posted by Machine85 View Post
FR Qian Duo Duo - 1658a

Late FR as this was a few weeks ago.

I wasn’t expecting if I would like her or not because people have different opinions and tastes. Well what do you know, she is to my liking. I find her cute. She came smiling into the room, up went my cock as she and I undressed.

Entered the shower and she washed my body then my cock. She then turned her back towards me and started rubbing her butt against my cock round and round.
Then I grab her tits from behind while she is rubbing against me. She would then use her tits to rub all over my soapy body.

BBBJ - Proceeded to the bed and gave me a good BBBJ. She would then put her pussy towards me as I caressed her body all over. Didn’t lick her pussy but was tempting too.

AR - She asked me to go on fours and lower my head to the pillow, lower my back and stick my ass up and legs wide open. She started licking my lower back and top and side of the inner ass and flicked my asshole. She then proceeded to lay down on her back and suck my balls.

FJ - Capped me and went into cowgirl, then I sat up and went into lotus. Caressed her all over body and licking her tits then frenching her. She let out a loud moan. Went back into cowgirl and changed into missionary with my legs straight lying down on her. She closed her legs tightly around my waist as I pumped her.

Changed position with me kneeling and lifting up her legs up and wide open and me holding her ankles. I started to lick all over both her feet. She was smiling but couldn’t take it no more so I had to stop. Went back licking her tits while my cock was still in her pussy.

Varied into another missionary with me kneeling and her legs closed as I was pumping into her.

Doggy next and then standing doggie from the edge of the bed as I pounded her as she let out loud moans, I finished off and surrendered my sperm.

After that had small talk before leavin as no time left.

Nice description particularly ‘surrendered my sperm’. Seems you have a bit of a foot fetish, I understand
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