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Re: VIP SPA.. Former Magic spa..

Originally Posted by 180baht View Post
Have I been scammed?

We were there for like 30 mins, did not use any of their facilities other than changing into their uniform and only had a glass of coke. And we had to pay RM68 just for that.

Can any regular visitors to VIP spa confirm this is the usual practice? Or were we scammed because we are newbies to this place. And can they chase customers out and close up the place as and when they feel like it?
Sorry to hear of your experience.
Yes... the VIP will inform the customers to leave if they receive warning of impending raid.
There is no entrance fee but if you use the facilities then there is a fee chargeable.... but it should only be rm48.
I dunno why you had to pay rm68? Did you include "extra" in your drink? There is a surcharge for "special" drinks.
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