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Re: 💞Sensual Lynn💞

I provide accupressure massage therapy with your personal choice of a happy ending. Accupressure massage uses traditional(tui-na) techniques, using finger pressure to mobilize your chi or life force energy at specific acupressure points.

This is good for those who are seeking rest and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of our hectic city life, especially after a long and hard workday.

Massage packages Available— Tdy Outcall

Emails me for more details

Thank u bros for my massage FR

Originally Posted by iamsird View Post
FR for Sensual Lynn

Having read the reviews on Lynn online, I was excited to book a slot with her. Met up with Lynn yesterday for her sensual Massage + FJ service.

I have to say that what you read online about her is true. Her BBBJ was awesome. Like she preaches, she knows her "A, B, C"s and her "1, 2, 3"s. Next would be her pussy. Everyone who has tried her has commented that her pussy was as tight as can be. Honestly, I was skeptical about it and now I am a believer. I believed that she does kegel exercises on a daily basis. I wouldn't spoil it for the other bros out here. It is something worth a try. Another plus point is that Lynn is very receptive and accommodating to your likes and dislikes in bed. Treat her well and she will definitely reciprocate the offer.

After the FJ session, we proceeded for the massage. If I were to rate her massage, I would give it a 8/10. And this is comparable to some of the FLs in the industry. Definitely not those piano type. She did a great job to help me to release the tension in my shoulder and arms.

PSA for the bros who intend to visit her. Lynn has very sensitive nipples. Treat them gently and be rewarded. Abuse them and she might kick your balls(Unless you are into that, because she offers those services too)

Originally Posted by majic_man View Post
Just had a late supper session with Lynn, I opted for the masssage plus Happy ending with an FJ option. Well, what can I say? Lynn’s responses were prompt from emails to texts. She’s a bubbly personality and she even starts the warm up through her texts, giving one a bit of the GFE experience. I arrived a few minutes late for our appointment, but Lynn was quick to put me at ease and not rushing our time together. I bought her a small drink which she seemed to appreciate quite a bit really.

Upon arriving at the room, what greeted me, was a very petite but well-endowed woman, her figure is nicely hourglassed well-toned, you can see it right through the dress she was wearing. Immediately, with warmth and a hint of cheekiness, she sat me down and started to break the ice, this really helped to ease and relax me for what was to come. No nerves, just like 2 friends paying each other a visit. She began by asking me to take a shower, where I cheekily asked her to join me and she obliged. When her clothes came off, I was stunned at her gorgeous body! Everything was very well proportioned and tight. You can tell she takes very very good care of her body! After the shower, we proceeded to the bed where she gave me a wonderful massage and helped to ease my tensed muscles. This is not your piano type of massge chaps, this lady has skills and strength and know how to use them!

Once she had given my back a full going over, the fun began! I won’t go into details cos I believe I wouldn’t be doing her justice! You need to see the transformation from a fun-loving, chatty woman, into a complete animal in the sack! We ended the night with a little food for supper and she sent me on my way! Thank You Lynn, for the wonderfully relaxing and envigorating evening!

Looks: 8/10
Kissing: 9/10 (this girl knows how to tease with her kisses)
Body: 9/10
Boobies: 10/10 (beautifully shaped, all natural and tiny pink nips, good round, firm ass, brilliant for doggy though I didn’t get that far)
Massage: 8.5/10
BBBJ: 11/10 (amazing technique and her devilish looks will leave you righ on the brink of exploding!)
FJ: 10/10 (Damn the pussy tight!)
RTF: Yeap, when time and vitamin M allow.

All in all, thank you for taking very good care of me Lynn! Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!

Originally Posted by fasterquicker View Post
Like many other business services, Dr. Lynn operates on the similar principle of delivering good customer experience at a reasonable cost. You have a problem & if you seek Dr Lynn for help, you pay for her services. Customers should abide to the simple business ethnics & show some respect for Dr. Lynn & themselves. Yet, there will be some who just couldn't understand this simple business equation & try all kinds of funny tricks like refusing to pay rejection fees, calling degrading names etc ... It is just shocking to hear stories of how people can ask for discounts & bargain for it? You don't ask for discount if you choose to dine in a michelin restaurant right?

Anyway, i requested for a massage with 1 bbbj and she came to fetch me in a tight sexy dress. She is a good conversationalist during the session & always ensuring the right pressure is applied. She massaged in her undies & there are times that her pussy is so close to my face, instant hard-on.

I was waiting patiently for the bbbj part. There is so much anticipation on whether it will turn out as awesome in her reviews. The results is amazing & it is true that her mouth is like a vacuum. She suck my soft dick so hard that it harden within 5 secs while her tongue licked the tip area of my dick. It seems that she knows all the pleasurable spots & continuously 'attacks' them. She was face fucking my dick and occasionally slapping my dick to her tongue. I have to breathe to control so that I would not cum too quickly. Before i can calm down, she started deep-throating & the sight of her lips swallowing my entire dick was too arousing. i started to thrusting my hip towards her mouth & she coordinated the movement so that she can engulf all of my dick. although this went on for another 10 mins, she was very patient about it & i cum in her mouth violently. She just smile & continue to milk the last drop before cleaning things up for me. If you have a tight budget, just go for the bbbj. it is really as amazing as the reviews

bbbj: 10/10
massage: 8/10
overall experience: 9/10

Originally Posted by scmilt10 View Post
Had a session with Lynn earlier just now. Appointment was arranged hassle free. Emailed her and she replied almost immediately. Was feeling very tired after a long day, I decided to request for a massage+bj instead of the full course. Was given the directions to the hotel and upon reaching I was offered drinks. Lynn was very outgoing and accommodating.

After showering, proceeded to try out her massage. She was very hardworking and kept checking if the strength was ok. Good balance of real massage and teasing. After the massage, she went down south and gave me a top notch bj just like what the other bros mentioned.

Fantastic body and great ass. Throughout the session, she was very patient as well. Not a time watcher.

Originally Posted by genieboybiy View Post
Arranged a book with lynn yesterday...

She's a GEM...

Couldn't Get enough of her even until now...

Will RTF for sure

Please be nice to her bros!
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