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Old 19-10-2018, 09:39 AM
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Here I share with you my collection of erotic stories which I find interesting. It can also be found in other Erotic sites.

The contents is 100℅ NOT from me, but just added some local Flavours & Erotic Images to enhance the story.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are fictitious in every regard. Any similarities to actual events and persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers ONLY.

Story 1

Johanna loved her boyfriend. He was sweet, gentle, caring and funny. They would go out every night for drinks and every night he would take her to a different luxurious restaurant, always ordering the very finest wine. Nothing was too special for her. They would sit and stare into each others eyes for hours while they ate their food, then he would drive her home and see her off with a beautiful, heart-warming kiss. Everyday Johanna looked forward to those special nights. She loved him.

Until one night. 

Her boyfriend had called her beforehand to tell her that he'd be away for a few days on a business trip, and that she should spend that time having some fun with her other friends. 

Johanna was disappointed that they would be away from each other, but decided she'd been neglecting her social life enough to spend a few nights out on the town with her friends.

It was Friday night, and Johanna finished putting on some red lipstick before meeting up with 3 friends at a bar in the middle of town. 

Alex was a nice guy. He was tall, good-looking and wore glasses. He didn't need them, but apparently he thought that the chicks digged the glasses.

Then there was Yvonne, a very pretty girl who worked up on the 15th floor of Johanna's work place. She always wore very tight clothing, but the difference between her and Johanna was that she could totally pull it off.

Lastly, there was Mark. He was very shy all the time, and always stood back while his friends talked to other people. Johanna thought it was kind of cute, but she had a boyfriend whom she loved deeply, so never paid much attention.

That night she drank a lot. She was having so much fun she didn't notice the piles Tequila glasses building steadily higher and higher. 

The trouble with being drunk is that you don't realise you're drunk until you do something really stupid.

It was getting late. Very late. 

Johanna was dancing so hard she was falling over constantly, laughing and still drinking. She was so impossibly drunk she didn't notice Alex dancing closer and closer. Finally, she slipped out of her high heels straight into his arms. She laughed, looking up. 

Her breath left her as she looked into his eyes. He was right. The glasses did make a difference. 

She woke the next morning in her bed, still fully dressed, but with a headache to end all headaches. She groaned and rolled over. She stopped suddenly. ……… ..!!

Was it her imagination or were her panties gone?

She gasped. They were!!

What the hell had happened last night??

She strained to remember...she was dancing...OMG!! she must have been so drunk...

Yvonne had picked up a bloke and moved off into a private corner, she remembered that.

And then Alex's blue eyes sparkling behind those glasses exploded into her mind.

He had said something after he had caught her...what was it?

"Oh my god..." she mumbled, as it all started to come back.

"Fuck me," was what he had said.

But she would never do that. She couldn't do it to her boyfriend! 

But she had. Oh god she had. Her missing panties, still in the wet puddle out by the side of the club were undeniable proof. 

All she could remember of the incident was the orgasm, and it wasn't anything special......
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Re: Blackmail

She rushed into the shower, hating herself for betraying her boyfriend, feeling so dirty that she didn't even bother to remove her clothes before diving under the icy jet of water. She buried her face in her hands which muffled the scream of horror. What if he hadn't used protection? What if she was pregnant?

The phone was ringing.

She stumbled out of the shower to answer it.


It was Mark.

"Mark this really isn't a good time..."

"Yeah I know."

A small shiver went down Johanna's spine.

"I need to talk to you," he said.

Mark met her at the local coffee house. He was twitching a little as he spotted Johanna making her way very ungracefully towards him.

She pushed herself down, wincing slightly. Whatever that brute had done last night, it hadn't been gentle.

"What is it Mark?" she said roughly. "I can't hang around".

Mark's hands were fidgeting in his lap. He looked more nervous than Johanna had ever seen him.

"I saw what you did last night," he said quietly.

Johanna froze in the middle of checking her makeup. 

Oh my god! she screamed silently. He's going to tell everyone!

"I honestly never thought you'd do that to John," he said, staring at his feet. "But you were drunker than I've ever seen you too. Don't worry," he said, looking into Johanna's mortified eyes. "I won't tell anybody."

Johanna breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn't been sure -- she didn't know Mark very well and didn't know if he was a decent bloke or not. Turns out he was.

"On one condition."

Or maybe not.

Mark was now rocking back and forth.

Johanna's eyes narrowed, dreading what this condition was. Money, success, friends?

"I've always been...well you know...nervous around women in the past," he began.

"Oh that's no problem!" laughed Johanna. "I can hook you up with hundreds of my friends. Some of them know how to show a man a good time!"

Mark looked surprised, but continued. " misunderstand me. I want you."

Johanna dropped her mirror. "What?!"

"I've always thought you were so beautiful...I've always wanted you. But John has always been there. I didn't want to annoy him..."

Johanna laughed.

"Nice one Mark! Good joke! I almost believed you then!" she chuckled, a little too highly for her.

"I'm not joking," said Mark, and her had stopped rocking and fidgeting. He looked dead serious.

"Mark..." said Johanna desperately. "You can't be serious."

"I am perfectly serious. I won't be rough or anything like what Alex was like last night, but I want you. Just once. And I'll never bother you again."

He was serious. Johanna couldn't believe her ears. But...on the other hand...she never wanted her true love to find out what she had done. It would shatter the relationship into a million pieces. 

She shook herself. She couldn't believe she was actually considering this. It was out of the question. It was blackmail! Mark could go to jail for this!

"Come on Mark," implored Johanna. "I could hook you up with heaps of girls, all of whom would have sex with you!"

"I'm sorry," said Mark, and he seemed genuine. "I'd hate to break up a nice relationship but if I have to, I will."

There was a finality in his voice that threw Johanna. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile. He showed it to Johanna. It had John's number all ready typed in, ready to call. 

"I'll do it. I will call him right now," said Mark.

Johanna stared in horror at the phone. This couldn't be happening...

Mark's finger reached for the call button...…… ……
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Re: Blackmail

"NO!" she cried. The defeat was humiliating. How could she have lost control like that last night? It had caused her nothing but trouble.

Mark smiled broadly in excitement.

"Thank you. Well...when do you want to do it? I'm free now."

Johanna looked up in shock.


"Yes now. We can go back to your place if you like. I have condoms," he said, patting his pocket.

"But...what...I..." Johanna was blusting to think of a reason why they couldn't do it now. She was a respectable person. She drank tea. She wasn't some whore who sold her body!

But Mark was standing up. He knew where she lived.

"Come on," he said, taking her arm gently. 

Johanna allowed herself to be led all the way back to her apartment and through her door. She was in a state of shock.

Mark was standing there, looking at her, unsure of what to do.

Good she thought. What does he expect?

And then, suddenly, he was kissing her, full on the mouth, his tongue wriggling it's way inside.

Johanna cried out, pushing him away.

"What the hell -!!"

"This is going to happen whether you like or not Johanna!" said Mark, a little flushed at his boldness. 

She stood against the wall, silently. He moved slowly towards her.

"I don't want to hurt you. It's very simple what I want."

His hands found her hips and she felt them sliding slowly upwards over her breasts, his fingers lightly pinching her nipples through her cotton shirt and bra -- 

"No!" she cried, pushing him away and running towards the other side of the room. Suddenly, and with a gasp of agony, she felt something grab her hair and pull her down to the bed.

Mark released her and straddled her waist, pressing down on her, pinning her to the bed. 

"I said I didn't want to hurt you..." he said sorrowfully, and ripped open her button-up shirt. Buttons flew everywhere, and her bra, still worn from the previous night, was exposed.

Mark grabbed them and buried his face between them.

Johanna felt tears welling up in her eyes as Mark's rough stubble scratched her soft and supple skin.

Clearly a bit ashamed of himself for hurting her, he didn't expose her breasts, though he dearly longed to see what they looked like under the lacy bra.

Instead, he reached up her black dress, feeling for her panties. He found them and pulled them quickly down over her long and shapely legs that had taunted him for so long.

Johanna didn't see his movements as acts of kindness. Resigned to the fact that she was going to be had, she balled her fists tightly and squeezed her eyes shut, reasoning that this was all happening so that John knew nothing. 

Mark was trying to make this as comfortable as possible for her. The last thing he wanted was for her to feel embarrassed, so he had left her breasts untouched. He realised that this wasn't going to be comfortable for her at all if she was wet when he entered her so, rather awkwardly, he rubbed her pussy in the hopes that this would be pleasurable for her. He had always imagined doing this would elicit moans and orgasms for women, but Johanna took a sharp intake of breath, and he could tell what he was doing was hurting her. Quickly, he withdrew his hand and instead put her legs over his shoulders and put his head under her dress, his tongue searching. He made his way up the inside of her thigh, licking madly as he got closer and closer to his destination...

"Oh god no..." he heard Johanna moan. "Please...just get it over with."

Mark slowly pulled his head out from under her dress and looked at her.

Even now, with her shirt open, her makeup smeared from crying and red scratch marks where his chin had been, she look absolutely beautiful. He drank in the sight of her, and suddenly felt a pang of regret. Why was he doing this? Why was he forcing himself upon a beautiful, stunning woman like this just because he had seen an accident any drunken woman would have done? She was right. Just get it over with.

Johanna saw him open the fly of his jeans, and shut her eyes tight. She could only hear the crackling of the condom packet being opened and the sliding sound of it being rolled on. Then, silence.

She gasped.

Her dress had been thrown up, letting fresh, freezing air cool her legs. Then, she felt his dick pressing against her. She wasn't ready. But it would be over quicker this way.

She gripped the sheets tightly as Mark pressed slowly and painfully further and further into her, finally reaching the extent of his length. 

She felt breath on her face and opened her eyes. Mark was lying almost on top of her, his face inches from hers, his eyes closed in ecstasy. At least he was enjoying himself.

Johanna turned her head away as he began to move inside her, noting, but not appreciating, his gentleness. Hearing no complaint from Johanna, Mark moved faster, and faster, groaning loudly as the moment approached.

Johanna had to bite her lip hard to stop from crying out in pain. He was hurting her. No matter what he did to try and help. 

Finally, pressing himself as far in as he could get, Mark climaxed, shooting his load safely into the condom. He collapsed on top of Johanna, crushing her with his weight, sighing deeply.

Realising what he was doing, he quickly pulled out and moved off of Johanna, letting her breath. 

"Never again. I have you promise," she said, her eyes still tightly shut.

"Never again," he agreed, collecting his things and leaving.

There was one positive thing that came from all that hardship.

John never found out about his girlfriend's illicit affairs during his absence, but he returned to a pregnant Johanna.

Video Experience
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Re: Blackmail

Nice start TS, support!
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Re: Blackmail

Camping here
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Smile Re: Blackmail

TS always like a good blackmail story, especially with the value add on those photo to aide the visualisation.

Hope the story doesn’t end here... needs more development to be a real blackmail theme genre. Cheers!
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Re: Blackmail

Story 2

Ron had been trying to figure out for the past few months where he'd seen his daughter-in-law previously, to her marrying his son. There was something familiar about those pouty, cock sucking lips. 

It had come to him in a fucking dream of all things. He'd woken up with an almighty hard on and her stripper name on his lips. Babel. Lap dancing queen from about seven years ago at Kitty's Pink Lips club. She couldn't have been older than nineteen at the time. 

Her real name was Tess. He'd been cock hard for her from the moment his son introduced her. Now, Ron loved his son, Jonny, but he was a bit of a dolt - took after his late mother - and he couldn't understand how he'd snared a fox like Tess. That her hair reached almost to her round delectable ass. And the rack was ample. Many a night he'd wanked off to the fantasy of playing with those fat tits, and looking down into black eyes while his big cock slid between her pouty red lips. 

It didn't matter how Jonny had charmed Tess. A plan had formed in Ron's mind and his cock would no longer have only his hand to play with. 

That Friday evening Jon went out to get more drinks for a get together they were having later that night. His father Ron had turned up early. Tess washed dishes in the kitchen. As soon as Jon left, Ron sidled up behind her.

"How's it going, Babel?"

"Babel?" Tess laughed nervously.

"Game's up, darling. Does my son know who you really are?"

"I don't know what you mean. I - "

"Kitty's Pink Lips. Does that ring a bell, Babel? I wonder what Jon would think about the number of men who got to see your pretty pink lips back then, hmm?" Ron leaned in close and let his hot breath stir her hair against her ear. "And I'm sure you know exactly which lips I'm talking about."

After a long silence Tess asked him what he wanted.

"What do you think I want?" He tried not to smirk, but his cock was pulsing with joy in his pants. Soon, he'd have this tasty morsel just where he wanted her. He looked over her shoulder and down into her deep cleavage and the expanse of smooth creamy flesh. Ron licked his lips. 

Tess didn't reply. Ron rested his hands on her bare shoulders. She flinched but didn't shrug him off. He told her that the strapless dress she wore was his choice.

"You're wearing this dress for me. Didn't know that, did you? I put the idea in Jonny's head." His son was pretty gullible, it had to be said. "You're wearing it for me, Babel."

"Don't call me that," she snapped.

"Do you understand the position you're in, girl? Let's see if you do, Babel."

Ron slid his hands around her body and palmed the underside of her tits, cupping them, waiting to see if she'd try to stop him. She didn't.

"Good girl," he breathed heavily. He pulled down the top of her dress, and began bouncing her bra clad breasts in his hands, squeezing and jiggling.

"You bastard," Tess swore, her hands still in the sink full of dirty dishes.

"Get into the front room," Ron ordered.

He sat on the couch and dragged her onto his lap, forcing her to straddle him.

"Take the bra off, Babel."

"Ron, please don't do this." Her eyes welled up. 

Ron remained stony-faced. After a moment of hesitation, Tess reached back, unclipped her bra and let it fall away.

Tess's FIL buried his face in her big, juicy tits as he pulled the bottom of her dress up to her waist. He palmed her ass, squeezing the globes together and pulling them apart before sliding his hands up and gripping her tits again, sucking on her nipples, pulling and licking, going from one to the other, moaning with satisfaction. At last! At fucking last! 

Tess gasped as his lips held fast to one nipple, flicking it with his tongue as he pulled on it, shaking his head, so her breast wobbled delightfully. She was whimpering like a bitch in heat. He slid a hand down past her panties into a slick pussy. Ron grinned. In heat was right, he thought.

His cell phone rang and he motioned to Tess to get it out of his shirt pocket. She held it up, her face mutinous as she saw his son's name flash up. He put his index finger up to his lips to keep her silent and motioned for her to accept the call and put it to his ear. 

Jonny wanted to know if they needed anything extra for the shindig later.

Ron had no shame. Not even his son's voice was going to get in the way of this prize. He continued sucking and nibbling on Tess's nipples while talking to her husband, his son. Jonny stopped talking and questioned why his father's voice sounded weird.

"What are you doing dad?"

"I'm eating your wife's canapés. They taste damn good. Hold on a sec, son. Let me just pop this last one in my mouth." Ron sucked and licked Tess's nipple some more, biting and scraping his teeth over it as he stared at Tess. "Didn't you taste any, son?"


"They're delicious," Ron smirked up at Tess's tearful face, tonguing the hard peak.

"You enjoy, dad."

"Oh I will. I am."

"I'm going to stop by Tom's place on the way back. He's got that new game for the PS4 console. I've given the other guys a call and we're all going there first. So, I'll be back later than expected. Probably about 8pm. Cover for me with Tess."

"Sure thing. See you later." 

"You're despicable," his daughter in law spat at him, chucking his phone on the sofa beside them.

"Yeah, but you like it, don't you? Get down and suck my cock."

She kneeled between his legs as he stood, and pulled his cock out. He saw her double take, the brief flare of admiration in her widening eyes, as her mouth dropped open. She snapped it shut, dropping her gaze. 

"Yeah, I know." Ron gloated. "Jonny boy doesn't take after daddy in that department, does he, Babel? Now let's see you try to get that monster in your mouth. Get to sucking it."

Tess glared up at him the whole time she sucked and slurped on his cock. God, that felt so damn good. He watched that pretty mouth slide all over it. She seemed ever so eager, too. 

"Lick my balls, Babel. Suck them. That's it. Fuck. Yes, like that."

Ron took hold of his cock and grabbed her hair to pull her head back. He rubbed his big hairy balls over her face. "Keep licking," he commanded, as his balls rolled over her mouth and nose, her eyes, cheeks and back to her mouth. "How'd you like that, Babel? You like my balls washing your face? Suck them. Keep your eyes open! That's it." 

Tess tongued them, holding them in her mouth and sucking gently. 

"Nice. Enough."

Ron pulled free and grabbing his cock drove it into her mouth. Both his hands gripped a fistful of her hair as he proceeded to face fuck her, driving forward with his cock. Tess choked and gagged, shaking her head, her hands pushing against his knees in vain as she fought for air.

"Take it. Take it just like when you used to be a whore."

He drew back and pumped forward again, hitting the back of her throat sliding it further inch by inch as he pulled back on her hair.

"Suck harder, sweetheart. That's it. Fuck, yes."

Tears streamed from her eyes and he ignored her constant gasping and gagging. He had Babel taking his cock and he fucking loved it. Just the thought of it had him coming before he was ready. He growled long and hard as he spurted down her throat and in her mouth.

"Fucking show me," he panted, as he directed more cum to squirt on her face, narrowly missing an eye and dribbling down her forehead and cheek.

Tess opened her mouth wide, showing him his cum.

"Swallow it. Every last drop, sweet Babel." Ron sighed happily. "Now get upstairs to the bedroom. Jonny's not going to be back for awhile so I've got plenty of time to play with you."

Ron is finally going to get his hands on his son's wife, fuck her senseless, slurp on that pussy, smother himself with her tits and whatever else he can think of. He has her exactly where he wants her, and can have her whenever he wants her.

Oh fuck, is he going to enjoy this...... ......
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Re: Blackmail

first in line, camping..
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Re: Blackmail

Tess sighed heavily as she came through the front door. She hefted three bags of groceries through to the kitchen and dumped them on a side counter. Sagging down into a chair at the kitchen table, she took a moment to rest. Then wished she hadn't. The moment she stopped rushing about, doing any and all things to keep her mind busy, memories from Friday night would come rushing back. Heat flooded her body as she remembered the dirty things Ron had done to her and made her do for him. Her fists clenched in anger against her thighs. Her husband's own father was blackmailing her.

Then he'd had the audacity to laugh and joke with his son and his pals that evening when not half an hour before he had pulled open her ass cheeks, gripping them hard and buried his face in there while that thick long tongue of his licked up and down her pussy. 

Tess's squeezed her thighs together determined to try and ignore the delicious pulsing that took up a persistent rhythm between her legs. A sense of shame overwhelmed her when she thought about how he'd elicited climax after climax out of her. She jumped up in agitation and paced the kitchen floor. How? It was a betrayal of her husband. She hated Ron with a passion. So why had he been able to make her feel so...wanton?

So hot and needy for his cock? Okay, yes, his cock was bigger than Jonny's. A lot bigger. So what? Size didn't matter. It was the quality of the sex that was important.

They'd seen hide nor hair of Ron over the weekend, something Tess felt immense relief about, but if he dared show his face again she would tell him in no uncertain terms that she refused to be blackmailed any further. Why should she suffer because of stupid decisions she'd made when she was younger? Babel the stripper no longer existed. She was married to Jonny now. She loved him dearly and didn't want to lose him. He made her feel safe and protected. No, no way was Ron getting away with this behavior anymore. She'd tell him next time he came round.

Tess sighed again and started to put the groceries away. A loud bang from upstairs had her almost jumping out of her skin. Who was in the house? Jonny should be at work already. She crept out of the kitchen, slowly making her way down the hallway to the stairs. More clanging and muttering. Why hadn't Jonny gone to work? Tess started up the stairs, then stopped short as the bathroom door was yanked open, and Ron appeared at the top of the stairs.

"Good morning, Babel," Ron grinned, wiping his hands on a dirty rag.

"W-what are you doing here? Get out!" Tess began to tremble, heart pounding hard.

"I told Jonny I'd come over to fix that leaky faucet. He's at work, now," Ron said, eyes narrowing as he took in her silky cream blouse with its low neckline showing a hint of cleavage, and her blue pleated skirt that ended mid-thigh. The nude stiletto heels completed a very sexy picture. "You like to show off those 34EEs don't you, Babel?"

Tess eyed him nervously. She recognized the look in his eye. "Have you finished the job or not?"

"Which job?" He casually descended the stairs until he stood on the step above hers. "The leaky faucet or keeping you at my mercy?" 

His gaze crawled into her cleavage and Tess burned with anger.

"Why don't you leave me alone?" she cried.

Ron loomed over her, leaning down to whisper in her ear. "What? And give up the opportunity to suckle on your sweet titties whenever I want?" Ron squeezed one of her breasts.

Tess slapped his hand away. "Don't talk to me like that." She tried to turn away, but Ron gripped her arms. 

"Or give up the chance to lick and slurp up and down your wet slit? Hmm? Flick that naughty little nub? Stick my tongue inside your cunt hole and taste those hot juices? Whenever I want to, Babel? Not on your life. You're my own private dancer now. I love knowing I can come over here, and while you're casually watching TV and Jonny is busy in his den, I can slip my hands down your top and play with those melons as I please and you have to let me."

"You get off on the power and control, don't you?" Tess accused, wrenching away. "Don't do this, Ron. Please." Tears filled her eyes. "I just want to live a happy life with my husband. Don't you want Jonny to be happy?"

"He is happy. He's in ignorant bliss. Now, strip naked. Or Jonny finds out who you really are."

"Ron !!!!"

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Re: Blackmail

"Now. I need to get cleaned up and I want some company in the shower."

Tess gripped the chrome bath rail attached to the bathroom wall with both hands. She bent forward, ass jutting out, legs spread as a cascade of hot water streamed down from the shower head right between the crack of her ass.

Her ass was open -- because Ron's face was buried in there, a hand on either side of her butt cheeks holding her open while he rimmed and licked her asshole, his head moving rapidly up and down to torture her pussy before sliding back up to push his tongue past that dark rim. 

Tess tried hard not to moan, but she couldn't help it. Jonny had never done anything like this to her in the shower, knelt down in the steaming water to suck hungrily on her pussy and asshole. Ron did it so well, like he was starving and she was an amazing feast he couldn't gobble down fast enough. He was nasty and dirty, and she loathed him -- but god help her, Ron knew how to turn her on. She hated that more than anything. The knowing look in his eyes, that smirk that said, you love it.

Tess jerked as he pressed his face harder into her ass. He let go of a cheek and slipped two fingers into her pussy, continuing to push his tongue into her asshole.

"Nnngh!" Tess panted hard, trying to force back the build up of fire threatening to erupt. Any second now, she was going to cum, to explode. She moved back and forth with the rhythm of Ron's fingers and then suddenly he stopped.

"You -- you bastard! I was right on the - ."

"The what?"

She could hear the grin in his voice. "Go to hell!" Tess straightened up.

"Keep a hold of that rail, darling. I haven't finished with you."

Tess gripped the rail again and leaned over. She felt Ron's hands exploring her wet body, smoothing over and squeezing her ass, sliding up over her hips and sides and coming round to heft the weight of her tits in his hands, pulling at her nipples. Then his hands left her and she felt something large and hard circling her pussy hole.

God, yes! Tess moaned, then shook her head hard. No! No! This wasn't right. She did not want Ron's cock inside her. She seemed unaware that she was pushing back against him, inviting him in.

Ron plunged his cock inside her without warning and Tess screamed out. He stood behind her, his feets played outside hers on the non-slip shower floor and took up a hard, driving rhythm. The slap of his hips against her ass was loud above the roar of the show. His balls danced a rhythm of their own as they swung against her pussy. 

Ron ran his hand up her body to grip her shoulders, banging hard and groaning. Tess moved with him as best she could. He was that close to her she didn't have much space to manoeuver. She had to just take it how he was giving it to her and it felt awesome. 

Tears pricked Tess's eyes. I'm sorry, Jonny. I'm so sorry.

Ron slowed down, drawing out his cock and then slamming it back in, grunting each time.

"You like that, my little slut? Hmm? Ugh! Take it! Ugghhh!"

Tess threw back her head, her long hair flew back like a whip. Why did he have to speak to her like that? Just get on with it.

"You want this cock, Babel?"


"Urghhh! Yes, you do. You want to get off. Say it."

"I hate you."

Ron slammed in again, and drew out slow, slow, slow. Tess's pussy twitched as though in protest.

"Tell me how badly you want my cock. How badly do you need me to fuck you." 

Ron didn't slide back in again and her pussy felt empty. It needed filling. It needed Ron's fat cock in it. Tess gritted her teeth, not wanting to give in. But who was she fooling? Only herself.

"My cock loves its new home, but it ain't moving in until you tell it to." Ron laughed. "Beg me to fuck you. Beg for my cock. You can do it. Didn't you used to whisper those dirty kind of things in the ears of the Pink Lips customers? Hmm?"

Tess pushed back against Ron but he moved away. She wanted it. He had stoked her up into a terrible thirst for his cock and wanting satisfaction from it and besides, how else was she going to get this ordeal over and done with?

Even in the hot steam of the shower she felt the heat of humiliation wash through her body.

"Fuck me," she said.

"Say it louder. Fucking shout it out. Beg!"

Tess took a deep breath. "Just fuck me, you dirty bastard!" she shouted. "Give me that fat, hard cock. Please, I need it real bad. Give it to me hard."

"You're a slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes!"

"Whose slut, Babel?"


"That's right. Mine. My whore."

Ron lined his cock up with her pussy hole and slid home. His pace was fast and furious and hard.

Tess didn't care if she seemed like a slut, didn't care if it was a betrayal of Jonny, didn't care that she hated Ron. Right now all that mattered was his cock. His cock was her whole world now and she slammed right back into him with every thrust, chasing that climax. She screamed with everything she had in her as she exploded, panting and sobbing.

"That's. My. Little. Babel whore!" Ron pressed up against her as he came, spurting his cum inside her, but saving some so that when he pulled out he could see the delicious creamy cum seeping out of her pussy. He smacked her hard on one cheek of her butt and sighed with satisfaction. "Finish up in here and meet me in the bedroom."

Tess straightened up. She covered her face with her hands. Shame and guilt ate away at her. It wasn't fair! She'd done what she had to do to get Ron to finish and leave. But really, how much of that was just a means to end the torture, and how much had been Babel the whore wanting and enjoying every last second of what Ron was giving her?

When Tess entered her bedroom, towel wrapped around her, Ron was dressed and fiddling with his cell phone. He was an older version of Jonny, tall and broad shouldered. He wasn't in bad shape, but his dark brown hair was balding and he had a bit of a paunch. The kindly black eyes that crinkled at the corner belied the lecherous, unscrupulous pig that he really was.

Tess clutched at the towel as he looked her over. 

"Bit late for modesty, isn't it? Drop the towel."

What did he want now? Reluctantly she tossed the towel aside. Her nipples grew hard under Ron's scrutiny.

"Well?" she asked.

"You're going to pose for me, sweetheart." He waved his phone at her.

"What? You mean photos? No... Ron, please," she whined. "What are you going to do with them?"

"I just want to look at reminders of you when I'm alone in my bed stroking my cock.".

"Is-is that all? You're not going to - ."

"To what?"

"I don't them to anyone else? Or post them on the internet or something like that?"

Ron tapped on his cell phone.

"Ron! Are you listening to me. Are you - ."

"I told you. They're just for my eyes, Babel." He pointed the camera phone at her. "Now dance a little. Move your hips and make those tits jiggle for me."

"You just want to humiliate me any way you can."

"No, I'm entertaining myself. I love your body. I love your tits and I want to see you shake them for me. Just the way you shook them for all the old guys in Pink Lips."

Tess glared at him feeling self-conscious. That was her old life. If she was going to jiggle her breasts for anyone it should be Jonny. She began a jaunty little hip action that easily caused her breasts to shake and jump. Up and down and to the side. Her face flamed as Ron filmed her. His gaze crawled all over her body, the naked lust on his face couple with his grin of satisfaction. 

"I'd tell you to pull on your nipples to make them hard, but they already are. Imagine that."

"Fuck you!"

"Hold your tits and bounce them up and down."

"I hate you!" Tess spat.

"Bounce them harder. Now suck on a nipple and squeeze up your other tit. That's it. So fucking hot. Look at the camera while you're sucking. You're a natural born slut and you don't even realize it."

Ron snapped off a couple of pics. "Okay. Hold your tits and push them together. Good girl. Now smile."

"I'm not fucking smiling," Tess snarled.

"Babel, I want you to hold out those magnificent tits as if offering those melons to me would be the greatest pleasure you could give a man. And I want you to do it while giving me a big shit eating grin. Understand?"

"You know I hate you calling me Babel!"

"That's partly the reason I like saying it. Squeeze your tits in a bit more. Delicious. Can't wait to slobber all over them again."

"You're just a perverted bastard!" Tess pressed her breasts in more creating a deep cleavage.

"Now smile. Let me see those perfect teeth. Make it look real. That's it."

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Re: Blackmail

Ron took a photo. He had her lean forward further and took another snap.

"Get on the bed, lean back on your elbows and stick your legs straight up in the air."

Tess did as she was told. 

"Nice." Click. Click. "Open your legs. Let's see what's mine. Yeah, wider. Wider!" Click. Click. "Pull open your pussy lips." Click. Click. 

Oh, god! This was too degrading. Opening herself to another man like this. What would Jonny say if he could see her like this, but what choice did she have? She could feel her pussy quivering in response. He was treating her like a whore and yet her body was responding to him. Babel turned her face away in shame. What was that? She stared at the window. She could have sworn she saw some movement. She forgot about it when Ron spoke again.

"Why Babel, that sweet pussy of yours is kinda glistening." Ron came right up to her leaning over. "Open those cunt lips for me, Babel, that's it." Click Click. "Stick your fingers in. Push them in and out." Ron's voice was hoarse and heavy. "Let me see how wet you are. Rub that sweet little button." Click. Click. Click. "You're wet, Babel."


Ron laughed as he moved back and Tess saw the big tent in his pants. "Turn over onto your knees," he rasped. "Arch your back and push your ass up." More snaps. "Open your knees. I want to see that juicy peach peeking through, too. Wider." Click. Click. "Reach back, baby. Pull those cheeks apart. Open your ass for me." Click. "Keep your ass open and look back at me." Click. Click. "Smile, Babel. You love opening your ass for me. You love showing me that wet cunt hole. Click. Click. "I think you can do a much more convincing smile than that. Show me that you're loving it. That's it. Yeah, you love this, don't you, you dirty bitch." Click. Click. Click.

Tess gritted her teeth, praying he'd soon get tired of tormenting her and leave. 

"Alright. That will do for now." Ron put his phone in his pocket, looked down at the huge tent in his pants, and then back up at Tess. "Oh, Babel, you've got me hard all over again," he grinned. "Get your ass over here on your knees and deal with this." 

Tess spent another twenty minutes sucking and slurping on Ron's cock until he spurted cum across her face and in her hair. The bastard messed her hair up and she'd have to wash it again.

"That was wonderful. Go clean your face up."

When she entered the bedroom again, Ron was sat on the bed with his toolbox at his feet. Her heart jumped fearfully at the look on his face. What was he going to do now? 

"Come here, kneel in front of me."

Reluctantly, Tess sank to her knees in front of him and the toolbox. He opened it and lifted out the top tray of tools. It took a moment for Tess to understand exactly what she was looking at, and then her mouth dropped open. Five butt plugs of various sizes lay in the bottom of the box with several bottles of lube.

Tess gasped, shaking her head. . "I know you're an anal virgin. Jonny mentioned it one time when he was drunk." Ron told her.

It's true, she was. And on a few occasions, usually when he'd had a few to drink, Jonny had expressed an interest in trying it. She wasn't keen. At all. It was painful, wasn't it?

"No fucking way!" she snapped.

"Oh, way, sweetcheeks." Ron's eyes were alight with anticipation and the smug confidence of knowing he was in control. "Here's how it's going to happen..... ......"

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Re: Blackmail

Gr8 story!
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Re: Blackmail

Story 3

Karen couldn't believe she had been so foolish. She loved her boyfriend Michael so much, but letting her boyfriend photograph and film her whenever she was masturbating or fucking him, was crossing the line!? Each and every one of those photographs showed her vagina and her breasts in every position available known to man. 

Worst was that Becky Wong-- who was Michael's ex-girlfriend -- had somehow gotten hold of those damning pictures and was setting her up for blackmail. 

And now here she was looking at herself on the mirror wearing her usual blue jeans and her regular T-shirt, this time a yellow-white striped one. She was five foot five, had an athletic body and 34B sized breasts. She had dark brown eyes and brown hair. All in all... she was a cute girl. Too bad for her.

"Well now... since you've seen the evidence, let me tell you what you're gonna do for me if you don't want your parents to find out you're not a goody goody two shoes anymore. For the next two weeks dear Karen, you're going to do everything I tell you to do without a complaint, questions or hesitations. Either you do this, or as I just told you, your parents are going to get this nice surprise on the local news."

Karen looked stupefied. Becky smiled in satisfaction. It wasn't as if she hated Karen per se. But Becky had already learnt that she had the hots for this girl and damn if Michael -- who had broken things off with her noticing that she liked women more than she dug him -- wasn't making things quite easy for her. 

"Oh... if Michael finds out about this, be sure I'll make this go completely public. You'll be seeing these pictures everywhere! And I mean everywhere." -- she emphasized the word everywhere.

Karen was blushing red again. Becky was sure this was going to be fun. She would humiliate her a little bit... well not too much really, because she was sure that by the end of the day Karen was going to be pretty much in love with exhibitionism.

"So... let's start with this." -- and then she gave her a two piece ensemble. A white see-through T-shirt with no bra and a white micro-skirt that if Karen bent down, would show off her pretty shaved off pussy or butt to anyone who cared to look.

"Take all your clothes off -- that's right even your underwear -- and put these on. And then go through your usual day as normal. I'll be keeping your clothes." -- she said quietly and did not bother to mention that this was probably going to be the last time Karen saw her usual stuff.

She fingered the key she had gotten from Karen's landlord and smirked inwardly at Karen's expression when she discovered that she had taken all her underwear with her and left her with several micro-skirts to wear for the next two weeks.

No jeans and no pants..... !!!!!
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Re: Blackmail

Karen went on to her job fighting dread. She had never been much of an exhibitionist and prior to meeting Michael, she wasn't even into being photographed naked much less when in usual clothes.

She worked at a boutique shop. Her boss had her usually fetching things and she always was -- without a doubt -- used to sell things off due to her body. Her boss always said that since she had such a hot and young body, that why not use it for their advantage.

"Oh Karen! It's so good that you're here. I want you to put these boxes upstairs." -- she signaled and Karen resigned herself to be exposed to whoever was the lucky creature who came by to shop.

This time when she found it was Mrs. Wong -- Becky's mother - and her son of 19 -- Becky was really pushing her buttons with this one! -- she wanted to cry. Under the unforgiving yellow lights of the store, the T-shirt she was wearing was nearly transparent -- something she hadn't noticed when she had put on the shirt and though she couldn't have said anything, she wished she wasn't so unlucky in matters like these.

When she made an attempt to grab a box from the ground, her boss called her and told her not to forget to squat. This forced the micro-skirt to flare upwards and she blushed from head to toe knowing what must be in plain view.

Jon -- Becky's younger brother -- whistled in appreciation. His mother only smiled.

Karen squatted and grabbed the box, then in a rush stood up making the skirt flare upwards again making her cute little butt come into sight again. Then she took the stairs and blushed heavily once again when Jon got up -- discreetly pretending to be looking at the painting on the wall below the staircase, but everyone knew that he was looking at Karen's pussy as it opened and closed with the movement of going up the stairs.

When she came back down to get the other box, she discovered that Jon was waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs holding the box.

"Where do you want me to put it?" -- he asked.

She moved out of the way and showed him the way.

Once all of the boxes were up, her boss called her down and she ended up discovering that the gentleman act had its price. Her boss said...

"Now since you've decided to be such a good sport, I want you to show your thanks to Jon. Please remove your shirt so that he can fondle your tits."

Karen almost cried out in dismay. But she figured this was part of Becky's plan and let Jon hold her breasts. Not only did he held them, but he also fondled them pretty well. It made her feel distinctly uncomfortable since the caresses made her feel wet in her pussy and she was sure that everyone was aware of that fact. She didn't look at Becky's mother for confirmation, though.

Thankfully, their visit had come to an end.... ....
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Re: Blackmail

Her boss told her she wanted her to make some errands and so this set her out of the store with the keys to her black 4x4 SUV and told her to do those errands for her. Stepping out of the SUV was as laborious as it was stepping in. She had exposed her pussy and her tits by climbing onto it to many pedestrians. As she was stepping down, she looked to the front and saw a guy with what appeared to be his girlfriend looking at her naked crotch with fascination. She blushed deeply.

Once inside the mall, she discovered that the elevator was in repairs and she had to take the stairs. Someone bumped into her and she let go of the folder she was carrying scattering all the papers in it on the floor. In her haste to get the documents before they were trampled by someone else, she ended up bending at the waist without bending her knees and therefore exposing her butt completely to anyone who dared to look, which was almost everyone coming and/or going to the mechanic escalator. Fumbling to get one paper just a fingertip away from her hand, she spread her legs to give herself some leverage and also showed the crowd of voyeurs the cleft of her naked mound. Because embarrassment usually led to her being a bit wet in between her labia and she had been wet from her prior exposure in the shop, the force of spreading her legs a bit more, forced her major labia to part completely away leaving her more than flushed inner labia to spread open and let every single spectator see her pink and wet vagina.

Once she finally managed to get that, she stood up and watched curious as how many of the people behind her look away first before meeting her stare. She shrugged and went on to her merry way to the bank. After she delivered what she had to, to the bank; she went on ahead to go pay some things that her boss had asked her to do. On her way out of a store, a tiny thread from the bottom of the T-shirt got caught with the door's handle and began to unravel the already tiny shirt even further. When she realized that everyone was staring at her, she noticed that the top had shortened up until almost all of the bottom side of her breasts were showing. The thread had been cut just as it reached there and instead of doing the sensible thing, she squealed making everyone around her turn to look. She rushed to the ladies room to see if she could do something, the run made the T-shirt ride up leaving her tits out in the open and the running made her skirt bunch up to her waist leaving her running almost bared to the elements. Everyone had gotten quite a good look of her intimate parts and she hadn't noticed. But found that upon reaching the bathroom that there was virtually nothing she could do with it. She blushed as she realized right then and there how exposed she had been to the crowd of onlookers. How she had been running around with her tits bouncing up and down, the tiny top up and over her breasts, and her skirt bunched up to her waist. She groaned in despair! Sighing she lowered her skirt to the usual position and put the tiny top back on. She moved her arms up and watched as the tips of her nipples showed. She decided not to put her arms up from now on. She jumped a little bit and was dismayed to find that the situation was worst. If she moved too much, her breasts -- unrestrained by a bra -- would bounce a little and make the T-shirt ride up further exposing her to everyone else. She was doomed.

Once she reached the car, after finishing with all the errands her boss had given her; she wondered how she was going to get into the car without exposing herself completely. She looked around and decided to shimmy out of the skirt and take off the top and just get into the car and then put the clothes back on.

Such a thing wasn't a good idea to do when several young teenagers members from the football team at the local school got a hold of the sight she made when she entered the car. Her butt pointed towards them, her pussy on full display and her tits hanging below.

She didn't notice their appearance and just sat down and pulled the micro-skirt on and then the top and proceeded to pull out of the parking spot as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
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