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Old 24-02-2024, 01:53 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Tina, russian lady from SNS

My first look at her, she wear a nice smile. She is a gorgeous, sultry, beautiful, sexy young long hair lady. She has fair smooth skin and a nice big sexy big boobs with a pinky pierce nipple that fit nicely into her curvy body. She was petite and have a nice flashy ass.

After a quick shower, we both unleashed our mutual lust, and things it the bed quickly got pretty heated. How she was all over my body vice versa.

She french me roughly and aggressively. I grabbed her and pulled her close, causing her breasts to pillow against my chest as I french her again and wrapped my arms around her to grab her ass.

Sensing my cock already erected, she then wrapped her lips around my cock as she took it all, went in deep-throating my cock, moaning and slobbering along the entire length. Her mouth skills is solid very sloppy and heavenly, the warmth from her mouth and her slippery tongue gliding and swishing around my cock.

Next, i proceed down south to paint and lick her cleanly shaven pussy. Nice abalone and tasty. I cannot resist by giving her a good hot and long tongues lashing She was biting her lips and moaning in satisfaction while grabbing the bed sheet when she finally hit her orgasm.

Capped on we had a few position. From riding to missionary, then to sideways fark and doggy. She has the best ass handles to grab onto when doggying! She played along when I grab onto one arm like in JAV. Seeing her boob flopping forward and back is the simulation I needed to shoot. She can take hard, deep and fast pounding. Her moan was sexy and seductive, i unloaded all into the rubber.

The GFE was over the roof as she was very attentive throughout the session and know how to please a man. No sign of slacking.

I will visit her again as she make me feel like my hot mistress.

Thanks SNS for bring in such gem.
Old 24-02-2024, 03:54 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Vany SunnyEscort

OKT : clear instruction, location is easy and central.

Looks : beautiful and her look will grow and get addicted. Sure will not reject

Body: very good figure, petite and sexy consider light tanned and have a nice ass

Boobs: boobs size is okay for her, not too big or too small. Suits her alot. Her nipple erect super fast also, lick for about 5-10 sec and its long and hard.

Frenching: yes, after mouthwash then I start(although I do take some mint before I went up)

BBBJ: can deep throat and she take her time to polish my shaft up and down and sucking my balls gently

Painting: She's scared of tickling, so I painted her slowly and friendly. She cums easily and gets quite wet, but she kept pushing me away shyly. Cute. Her pussy smells good and trimmed, very nice to paint.

FJ: I fuck her for a couple of minutes each in Cowgirl and Doggy. Then to Missionary and back to Doggy. Gotta do her doggy for that nice ass and slim sexy back. She moans softly during doggies. I also love it when she rides me, her cute body sitting and grinding on me, so damn satisfying! I happily hold up and cummed.

GFE : Sweet and cute type! Not a time watcher and is on you through the session! Sayang you a lot type

RTF : Yes. Definitely not a landmine

Thanks bro Suinny
Old 24-02-2024, 05:38 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Julie SNS

She looks almost exactly like the photos. The way the smile spreads slowly across her face oozes sexuality. Tall and slender blonde hair and she was gorgeous and perfect to be a hot mistress.

Body was awesome. There's no sag anywhere in her body, it's like the body of a goddess. However, breasts are big and meant for boob lover. Nice to suck and press. Ass was well toned.

The service began with shower and it was relatively SOP, with some deep french and light petting. We had a nice good long tongues exercise. The fun started right after. She straddled me and went straight for the french as I explored her body with my hands while she grinded me sensually before I lifted her over my face to tongue fuck her while she moaned. She has shaven pussy and a nice closed labia with no smell. Give her a nice paint and the juices kept oozing and she kept jerking.

After that was one of the best BBBJs I've ever experienced. All tongue and full suction as she frequently looked into my eyes while going down. She even spit on the cock to moisten it as she went for the full DT, sibeh pornstar, with the sensation of the head hitting the back of her throat at the staccato beat. At one point she even put my hand on top of her head, and I obligingly face fucked her.

The BBBJ was so good we went on for 15 minutes and she took it all in like a champ. After which it was a quick cap and engines ready. We did cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and lotus with her pummeling and grinding my cock in ecstacy with her back arched and nipples erect and saluting the ceiling. Every so often she'll lean forward and french me while grinding away furiously.

Unfortunately, I last very long and we literally ran out of time, but neither of us were satisfied. She gripped by cock with her pussy as we both frantically crawled across the bed for my phone to see if I could extend the session. Happily the next slot was open and we went straight back into the heat of the action as I took her from behind facing the mirror and fucked her furiously, making her scream into the bed as I alternated between rapid, furious pumps and long, hard strokes, before returning to cowboy for the finale, as she ground with increasing urgency before we both came together.

All in and her and stamina was good. The session was fantastic. If you have the power to last, she has the energy to fulfil you.

We had great chemistry. Her English is good and she alternated between chatting and squealing. She's likes it a lot when she's complimented mid-fuck, and her energy goes up a notch, and she's very responsive to pounding and incredibly accommodating.

Thanks SNS.
Old Yesterday, 12:46 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Lady: Aliya from SNS
Look: look the same as above, hot sexy exotic asian gal look
Skin: fair smooth skin type
Comm: quite good command of English
Height: petite with long nice hair
Boobs: natural normal B cup, a handful for me and fit her body shape
Body: tight and slender curvy figure with nice perky ass
Catbath: sexy foreplay by licking whole body
Frenching: hot sexy lip and she is an aggressive hot tongue fight.
Painting: shaven and smell good, no smell and nice to paint
BBBJ: deepthroat with chocking effect and strong solid suctions.
Fuck job: Open to all position. Good moan and high responsive and wild on bed. Can take in deep, long, fast and throttling pace kind of FJ.
Attitude: friendly, comfortable and willing to please.
GFE: give me the mistress feel and make me want fuck her everyday.

Overall is a very good bonk.

She is a nice must try gem.

Thanks for reading. Above is my personal exp. Other might differ

Thanks SNS
Points exchanged are welcome
Old Yesterday, 04:43 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Sasha SNS

Look: pretty hot young lady with sweet smile and nice sharp feature. Look much better than in pic.

Body: Fair smooth skin with curvy body. Great looking ass as well. just nice and proportionate. No tummy fats or thick thighs.

Boob: Natural big C cups just enough for my palms to wrap around her boobs.

Frenching: sexy soft lips and very intense kind of DFK all the way through the entire session, non stop.

Pussy: clean shaven with no smell and she is super wet, lick & suck til she ask u fuck her already!

BBBJ: slow and sensual with plenty of ball sucking, shaft licking, head twisting and deepthroat. Lot of good suction.

FJ: Accomodating to different positions. Submissive and wild kind of love making. Good moaning and very sexy view when doing cow girl. Her seductive and cfm face super strong, change to doggy and let me grab her ass hard and bang her hard from the back and eventually finishing inside her (with cap of cuz).

GFE: not shy type. Feel comfortable and she was very attentive and very focus on service me.

Thank SNS
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Old Yesterday, 07:01 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

Simple Fr for Vany SunnyEscort

- Her look was quite pretty, long hair with sharp features
- Her body was slim and petite. Small tattoo on chest
- Very fair and smooth skin. Skinny, Small waist with great ass.
- B cup small boob with sensitive nipples and firm to touch.
- playing with each other tongue while kissing and frenching
- Best skill set. No teeth, quite sloppy, bob up and down my shaft non stop.
- Seductive look during BBBJ. Instant hard on.
- Wet and tight trimmed small pussy.
- No smell and senstive
- Cap on and fuck her
- Still low mileage, every thrust inside her, she will let out moans
- Allow several positions she will make feel Im in very deep inside
- Released in missionary

Treat her well and I'm sure she will treat all bros very good.

Gem not to be missed.

Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Thanks Bro Sunny
Old Yesterday, 08:16 PM
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Re: Great Bonks

FR for Diana from SNS

Looks: 8/10 young lady with a mistress type of look, will not get bore looking at it. long hair and look much better than in pic

Body: 9/10 petite with nice tight figure, she really take good care of her shape. Fair smooth skin. Looks good and yummy when she naked especially who the hot bouncy ass.

Boobs: 9/10 small and perky, but was nice and fit her size. One hand nice grab. Nice nipple and sensitive for sucking.

Frenching: 10/10 very teasing and no need to initiate. Automatic DFK, it was passionate all the way. Hot sexy lip with no bad beath.

BBBJ:10/10 good suction, slow and fast,can go in deep deep many variety and good speed momentum. Lot of slurping and twirling effect. Good suction and polish my cock happily.

Painting: 9/10 shaved, tasty nice pussy and wet easily by just rubbing softly on the clit. Gave a nice painting and she moans quite loud while grabbing ob my head and on the bed sheet.

FJ: 9/10 cap on and auto climb up and start riding me. She love to pound on my cock fast and hard, moaning and screaming when she does it abit hardcore. Change to doggy and she told me fuck her hard hard. Hear also steam ah. Bang her hardcore until i myself buey tahan already. Busted my nuts.

GFE: 10/10 She attends to your needs very well. Treats you like her boyfriend. Non rushing and make me feel being love by her.

Service is top-notch and good solid bonking, she is definitely worth the time and damage.
Old Today, 07:55 AM
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Re: Great Bonks

FR for Chaca from sunny

looks 5.5 (tbh i cannot recognize her from the photos, she has no make up on. told me just woke up. 50% discount from pics??)
Boobs 8.5 (the saving grace. perky natural 36/38D)
Body - 8 (just enough meat to my liking. super smooth soft skin to match her age)
BBBJ - nil (jump straigh to fj)
FJ - 7 (i had to do most of the work here. she rod for like 10s and said cannot already lol...)
GFE - 3 (use of translator is almost a requirement. not much here. doesnt cuddle or display gfe)
Service - 0 (i hate to do this but this is exactly it. she does not even shower for u.. idk how to give her more points here)
RTF - guess not. its a pity she has really good boobs but the rest are failing
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