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Re: CAT 150- Big Boobs FRs - C cup and above - 1612 Dada

Dada was the last of the 1612 newbies I tried. Her boobs alone would have compelled me to give her a shot (pun intended) and she gives great service too!

Name: Dada
Base: 1612
Age: early 20s

Face: Dada brings to mind a Shanghai songstress or mamasan type with her short bob and bright alluring eyes. She looks real CFM, especially when she gazes at you, as if daring you to taste her forbidden pleasures of the flesh. Pretty, enchanting eyes – the sort which can either burn a man to ashes or warm his soul forever.

Body: Dada stands at about 1.65m in heels. She was dressed in a tight tight shirt which barely contained her boobs which were straining the threads. She is a little curvy with flesh in the right places. Clean and neatly folded snatch with a well defined triangle pointing south to her Garden of Eden.

Boobs: Oh golly her thunderboobs! They did indeed burst free when she released them from their lacy confines. Dada told me she’s a 36C and they felt succulently heavy in my hands.

BBBJ: Experience wins every time, and Dada proved it with her awesome BBBJ which sent warm tendrils of sheer pleasure rippling through my cock head. At some time I was fucking her mouth and it felt so good that I had to stop or I would have spurted early and ended the show.

Frenching: I had a grand time letting Dada explore my mouth with her supple tongue; it felt like there was a live eel in my mouth. Rapport plays a large part in getting frenching so I usually start off the session hugging and making small talk. Frenching Dada was divine as she’s fleshy so there was always tactile skin contact which sent waves of lust coursing through my body. As with many other WLs, Dada said frenching would probably be ok if joes look clean, don’t have bad breath and have chemistry.

Painting: Painting Dada was a feast for the eyes. I was presented with a very neatly folded snatch, with just a hint of glistening promise peeping through the folds. And who could get lost with that triangle pointing south right at her clit button? Dada told me she was painted a few times that day and thought she couldn’t cum any more. Well, the female anatomy is an amazing thing and I set out to prove that to Dada. Before long she was bucking under the tender ministrations of my wicked tongue, her juices flowing like honey. Just as erotic was the way her thunderboobs jiggled and wobbled as she bucked, like jelly in a speeding van on a rocky road.

FJ: Despite being fleshy, Dada is surprisingly tight. Pushing my latex-clad kkj into her felt like entering a warm pulsating flesh glove. We then descended into frenching; my cock had a grand time thrusting in and out of her hot love tunnel while we had a grand time exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. Because she’s fleshy, her fun bags were kept tightly pressed against mine, and only served to inflame my lust further. Dada also has a wonderful ass for pounding doggy, which of course I test

Dada is definitely no stranger to sex and pleasure. She enjoys a good time and makes sure you know it, as shown by her breathy moans echoing past my ears. With each thrust, her mouth parted ever so slightly to let a moan slip past those wickedly delicious lips which, just a while ago, were wrapped round my impossibly turgid cock. I reached climax with her lying atop me, her lips firmly pressed on mine and our tongues intertwined. She then tenderly removed the cap and we spent the remaining time hugging and kissing. I knew my wallet was in trouble when her nipples got rock hard again and worse, my kkj was gallantly reacting to her big tits pressed firmly against my chest. I reluctantly told her to wash us up.

Personality: Dada has a bubbly personality that would put most men at ease. Her au naturel thunderboobs would take care of the remaining minority of men. Very CFM tai tai look and you could picture her in a cheongsam which you would then fantasise ripping off. Mostly KTV experience so she would need time to adjust to GL standards. Besides that, she has the basics more than solidly right. For big boobs lovers, it would be a hard choice between her and Bobo. When in doubt, just take both.

RTF: Fucking A! If you like your face buried in flesh bags then Dada is the right choice. Tommy scores yet again with another service-oriented and busty recruit.
Caveat #1: Service of PRCs may vary from punter to punter. YMMV. In some cases you may get zero mileage.
Caveat #2: I'm a 1612 fan bcz I'm most comfy with its OKT. Many of my FRs will be of gals in this house. If you don't like it, you may wish to find enlightenment here.
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